David Walliams Criticized for Promoting TV Program’s Gambling Site

David Walliams known for his judge role on Britain’s Got Talent is receiving some backlash over a promotion gig he did for Britain’s Got Talent Games. Britain’s Got Talent Games is an online casino that offers players a chance to strike it big when playing casino games online.
He recorded a radio advertisement for the gambling website and has the support of Britain’s Got Talent show. Even though in the advert there is a mention of the age restrictions, fans of the children’s book author, are not happy and surprised by the move.
In the advert, David Walliams encourages people to join the betting site – which was not received well by gambling addiction experts.

david walliams backlash for promoting an online casino

Displeased Gambling Addiction Experts

According to Liz Karter, a gambling addiction expert, because of the advert, the online casino may appeal to children. She also said that it is almost impossible to limit access these gambling sites and it can lead to addictions which can ultimately destroy lives.
GambleAware was also not impressed by the advert, warning that David Walliams’ decision to promote the online casino could be harmful to children. Marc Etches, GambleAware CEO, said that smartphones allow us to access gambling online and we have to protect children from any gambling harm.

David Walliams’ Fan React

One fan posted on twitter and said they were unimpressed with Walliams’ decision to endorse online gambling when he has a high profile. Especially with kids and families. Another one went on to say that they thought he was better than that.
So far, David Walliams has not responded or commented on the backlash from fans and gambling experts.

UK Gambling Study

In 2017 the UK Gambling Commission carried out a study and found that 370 000 children were involved in betting. The children were from Scotland, England and Wales and were between ages 11 and 16. The study also found that 25 000 of the children developed a gambling problem.
According to Barry Tomes, Showbiz agent, David Walliams made a silly move by backing the gambling website especially because he is known for writing children’s books.
Underage gambling is something that we do not promote. We also encourage adults that are old enough to gamble to do so responsibly.