New Video Exposing Crown Casino Pokie Jamming Emerges

The Crown Casino pokie tampering scandal has taken many twists and turns over the past few months. This week, the story took yet another one after another former casino employee released a video detailing how exactly players used plastic picks to play several machines at once.
The video shows a player jamming the pick against the play button to ensure that the machine keeps on spinning the reels even without player input. The imposed threat of such a device is that Australians are able to play on several pokie machines at once, leading to increased losses. Crown Casino could now face some charges of misconduct even if picks were used outside of designated autoplay areas on the basis of breaching the industry’s code of ethics.

Pokie Play Jamming Picks Much Alluded To

The picks were first revealed to be in circulation last year after three former employees decided to blow the whistle on the establishment’s questionable operations. Last month, another employee handed over a batch of these pokie autoplay jamming picks branded with the Crown logo to Victoria’s gambling regulator, who had been investigating the casino.
The newly revealed video now proves that the casino actually did distribute the device to gamblers. Crown Casino has yet to comment on the developing situation.

Pokie Jamming Not the Only Accusation Levelled Against Crown

Over the past few months, Crown Casino has been in serious trouble with Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulations due to mounting allegations regarding serious misconduct. Just last month, Crown was forced to pay a AU$300 000 fine after being found guilty of purposely removing low betting options from some game machines.
The alleged transgressions don’t stop there though. Other claims recently made against the casino include various forms of pokie tampering, financial transgressions such as money laundering and player drug use at game tables.
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