Ladbrokes Voices Opposition of Self Exclusion Schemes

Ladbrokes, one of Australia’s premier bookmakers unleashed a scathing indictment of the apparent delays in putting into place the new gambling reforms. Australia’s power circle of prominent online betting operators that feature newly rebranded BetEasy, Sportsbet, Bet365, and Ladbrokes are all involved in discussions with the Responsible Wagering Australia to develop stricter responsible gaming laws. These gambling reforms include a self-exclusion scheme allowing gamblers to ban themselves on their computers, and mobile devices across states and all gambling websites.

Ladbrokes Voices Opposition to Complex Self Exclusion Schemes

Ladbrokes Lashes Out at Complex Self-Exclusion Schemes

Ladbrokes originally supported efforts to implement a multi-operator self-exclusion scheme. This week, however, the wagering sites spoke out against the lengthy delay it is taking to roll out the scheme. Ladbrokes’ general counsel, Patrick Brown, pointed to the complexity of the design of multi-operator self-exclusion schemes as the reason for the delay. “Ladbrokes calls on BetEasy and Sportsbet to work within Responsible Wagering Australia on multi-operator self-exclusion,” said Brown. Despite the public outcry, the betting giant remains a member of the Responsible Wagering Australia organization after joining just over a year ago. It has been reported before that Ladbrokes is not pleased with plans to ban sign-up inducements for new customers, a move that could affect their profits drastically.

Latest Ladbrokes Australia Statement Contrary to Recent Reports

Ladbrokes issued a statement to in which they expressed their support of the gaming reforms. The quote read “Ladbrokes unequivocally supports the National Self Exclusion scheme.” The web gaming operator is of the belief that a more simplified version of the self-exclusion scheme would bear fruits. He pointed to the UK’s GamStop model and suggested that Australia should opt for something similar. While all the Australian government and leading gaming operators iron out the kinks to the new regulations, you can find great gambling websites to play for real money at