The Backlash Against Australian Casinos

More and more countries around the world are starting to embrace the gambling and online gambling industry, with support growing every year. Australia is one of those countries who have chosen to embrace the industry and has one of the liveliest gambling industries in the world. However, it seems the tides are changing among a significant part of the Australian public.

Australians, Lover of the games

When having a look at the gambling industry globally, Australia actually has one of the liveliest gambling industries globally. The Local Watchdog estimated that approximately 80%, the majority of their adult population, will gamble at some time during the year either at an official casino, in a pokie pub or online, from the comfort of their own homes. The Australian gambling industry has been a big source of income in the Australian economy. However, with Australians tune starting to change towards the industry, we are anxious to see what will happen next. Is the golden age of gambling in Australia coming to an end?

Change is in the air

Australia is starting to see a change in the attitudes of their citizens towards the gambling industry. Several new groups have emerged, trying to rise up against the gambling industry and are becoming very local as time passes. We would like to see if the opinions and objections of a significant part of the Australian population will make an impact on Australian gambling legislation. Will there be a tipping point?

A fast-growing movement

This movement is unique to most due to the fact it has gained momentum so quickly. Serious movements of this stature do not usually gain such a massive following in one fell swoop as they require great deals of energy, dedication and a lot of momentum if they hope to cause change at such a massive scale. Changing people’s mindsets is not an easy feat, so it really is surprising that this movement has grown so rapidly.

Pokie pubs up for review

Australian municipalities have begun investigating reviewing their policies regarding their relationships with pokie pubs. Pokie pubs, to put it simply, are bars which have slot machines – allowing patrons the chance to have a drink, play and gamble as they please. However, these bars end up making a lot more money with their slot machines than they do by selling drinks at their bar. Due to this fact, the bars tend to focus on creating a more pokie-orientated service to improve their profits – however, this is damaging to the gambling problems prevalent in Australia.

Since Pokie Pubs are not classified as a casino and rather a pub with a special permit, they have unobstructed operation. This is obviously an issue that is now up for review. Municipalities are exploring how they can improve their policies when working with venues of this nature to lessen their part played in problem gambling issues within their certain areas. Some possible solutions being discussed are having these venues to become licensed as casinos, or alternatively implementing much stricter regulations so to combat the increasing numbers of these venues in Australia.

Up for national review

Since so many municipalities have been looking into reforming their relationships with pokie pubs, they are drawing attention from the states too. While the states are yet to officially become involved in the issue of identifying pokie pubs as a problem for them, we are interested to see if they will start discussing the issue at hand considering just how many people in Australia are seeing and rising up against the problem. If the states do end up picking up and trying to problem solve the issues, showing more involvement in general, it won’t be long before the whole of Australia changes their mindset about casinos, gambling and online gambling and wanting to see change in legislation.

Some things will always remain, not to worry!

Of course, casinos and gambling will never be in danger of being shaken to its core entirely – after all, people will always love gambling. Casinos will never just go away entirely. The attention being paid to gambling in Australia is likely just going to bring about more positive changes to the gambling industry in Australia and simply try and better combat problem gambling within the country.

Nothing to be afraid of

We expect that new legislation will be introduced that would simply limit the easy and free access patrons have to pokies and other games, and ensure that pokie pub owners don’t take advantage of their patrons. It will likely just become a bit more difficult to gamble online or in pubs by enforcing restrictions. As a result of the restrictions other gambling related industries may be affected and earn less revenue, for example those manufacturing gambling software and hardware. Casinos may also end up slowing down operations.

The uprising to the industry is not something to be afraid of and rather something to consider embracing. Gambling is meant to be for fun, if new laws are implemented allowing people to have this fun more responsibly and safely, it will turn out better for everyone.