Casino Strategy: Stay Clear of Gambling Systems

Ever since Briton Charles De Ville Wells managed to break the bank in Monte Carlo, players ll over the world have looked for ways and tried to create gambling systems to win heavily from casinos.

Wells broke the bank at the Monte Carlo Casino on July 28th, 1891. Each gaming table in the casino was funded by a 100,000 francs cash reserve referred to as “the bank”. Back then, 100,000 francs was an awful lot of money. Wells arrived in Monte Carlo with £4,000, the equivalent of $716,000 today, and went on a five-day winning spree that saw him win more than what would be $7,200,000 in today’s money.

A black cloth was laid on each table that had lost its bank while casino bosses brought up more money from the casino’s vaults.

Betting Systems Play On Players’ Dreams

Everyone who has ever played a casino game either in a brick and mortar venue or at an online casino has dreamed of winning vast sums of money for playing their favorite game. Who would not share this dream? It is what we all play casino games for when all is said and done.

Wells claimed that he had created an infallible system when he broke the bank in Monte Carlo and this has led to scores of individuals claiming to have created similar systems that guarantee you to win.

Search the internet for long enough and you will no doubt find hundreds of websites claiming they have a system that will unlock untold riches by allowing you to always beat the house. There are such systems for every table game going, especially blackjack and roulette, while some claim to know how to hack pokies and trigger the massive progressive jackpots.

Why Gambling Systems Do Not Work

Stay away from these so-called gambling systems. Why? Because, to be frank, they are complete lies, do not work and never will. Here is why.

First, one way to dispel a myth is to look at the other side of the coin. When people say the moon landings were faked, did the Russians, who were in a race with the Americans to step foot on the moon ever contest they had been beaten to the monumental achievement? No. If there was any doubt would Russia have tried to discredit the lunar landings? Of course they would. Have you ever seen an article or heard a casino employee talking about unbeatable systems for their games? I thought not.

Second, online and live casinos spent millions of dollars between them each year on the security of their games. Online casinos especially employ some of the most sophisticated security systems available today in order to protect your personal and financial information, in addition to preventing unscrupulous people from trying to access their servers. There is no way on this planet that one guy from his bedroom has managed to find a way around the 256-bit encryption technology used by the best Australian online casinos and is now offering to show you how for $100.

Which brings us onto point three. Let us say that the owner of the website in question has somehow managed to devise a gambling system that allows people to always win at roulette. Pretend that person is you for a second. Would you rather keep the system to yourself so you can essentially print money off whenever you feel like it, with next to no risk of the betting system being discovered by the sophisticated security systems, and live a life of luxury. Or would you sell this amazing betting system for $100 on the internet so that everyone can beat the casino, running the risk of the security team realizing something is seriously amiss and stopping the games, or worse still, bankrupting your cash cow so you can no longer exploit it?

These three points should be more than enough to stop you from wasting your money on gambling systems that simply cannot and do not work. All casino games are based on mathematics and there is no beating mathematics. We all play at online casinos knowing full well the odds are stacked in the house’s favor, but sometimes, just sometimes, the stars align, Lady Luck shines down on us and we walk away as a big winner. It is this that you need to concentrate on, save your money for a reload bonus, a welcome bonus at a new casino, or for your favorite pokies machine.