Learn All About Blackjack Tournament Types

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games in the world today. Gamblers love it so much because it is easy to learn a basic yet solid strategy that gives you a chance of beating the casino, plus the fact the house edge in blackjack can be as low as 0.5 percent if you adhere to that strategy.

An increasingly popular format to play this exciting game is via blackjack tournaments, which give you the opportunity to pit your skills against other players in addition to the dealer and potentially win some big prizes.

While the rules of the game typically remain the same for playing blackjack or blackjack tournaments, there is a major difference you need to be aware of before you take the plunge and buy into a blackjack tournament at your favorite online casino.

Major Difference Between Blackjack and Tournament Blackjack

This difference may take some getting used to because it goes against everything you have learned about playing blackjack. During tournament blackjack, your goal is not to simply win money, but to try to finish with more chips than your fellow players. It does not matter if you finish with less chips than you started with, so long as you have more chips in your stack than your opponents.

This unique format is because of how blackjack tournaments work. Everyone buys in for the same price and receives the same number of chips so that the playing field is level and fair. Each player can bet as much or as little as their chip stack allows and can do so for a set number of hands and the goal is to finish with the most chips. Whoever has the most chips at the close of play is crowned the tournament’s champion and walks away with the lion’s share of the prize pool.

Common Blackjack Tournament Types

The most common blackjack tournament type is known as a traditional elimination tournament. Here, you only play against the other players at your tale and the table winner advances to the next round to play against other players who have won. This continues until only one player remains, the tournament’s champion.

Another form of elimination tournament ramps up the excitement and was made popular by the Ultimate Blackjack Tour that was televised around the world. Up to five players will play a set number of hands with the player with the fewest chips being eliminated at specific points, usually after 8, 16, 25, and 30 hands of play. This type of elimination tournament requires a lot of luck but also a willingness to gamble in spots that deviate from basic blackjack strategy.

You may also find non-elimination or accumulation blackjack tournaments in your local casino or in an online casino you can sign up for here at pokies-pokies.com. Here, you compete against everyone who has bought into the tournament and you have to try and win as many chips s you possibly can over several rounds. Players’ chip counts are displayed on a leaderboard so you can alter your strategy in order to keep up or catch up to the tournament’s leaders.

The final type, although not overly common these days, are live money tournaments. As the name suggests, these are blackjack tournaments where you use actual money to continually purchase chips. In other tournament formats, the chips have no monetary value as such, but in live money tournaments they are worth actual cash.

Play Blackjack Online In Australia

All of these tournaments come in a variety of buy-in levels. Online casinos will often spread low stakes, up to $25, tournaments on a regular basis and while the prize pools are not usually large, they are great fun to play.

Major tournaments tend to be reserved for live casinos, although they do sometimes occur online. These large buy-in tournaments often take place over the course of a weekend and have six or seven-figure prize pools.

Check out the list of Australian blackjack online casinos and see if you can find a blackjack tournament to do battle in.