How to Win at Blackjack

Blackjack is an immensely popular table game played around the world. Australian online blackjack players are smart and always looking for ways to win at blackjack, we thought we would help. Counting cards is the only sure fire way to win at blackjack, but that is frowned upon in live casinos and impossible online. So how do you maximise your chances of winning at the blackjack tables? You start by reading this article.

Ask any non-serious gambler how to win at blackjack and we bet they answer “get 21 points”. While this is true, hitting natural blackjack or reaching 21 points wins most of the time, you will win more money from the two other methods of victory. The first is reaching a final score that is higher than the dealer without exceeding 21. The other is making the dealer draw additional cards and busting, that is exceeding 21.

Using Card Counting to Win at Blackjack

Let us get card counting out of the way so we can concentrate on legitimate strategies and tips. Card counting, in its most basic form, assigns a positive, negative or zero value to each card dealt. Players then use a formula to predict the value of the next card dealt. Counting cards increases the chances hitting a natural blackjack.

The MIT from Harvard University are the most famous card counters. They made millions of dollars in the late 1970s through to the 1990s before being banned from every casino in Las Vegas!

Card counting is no longer a viable strategy to win at blackjack because most live casinos now use an automatic card shuffler. It is impossible online because online casinos use a random number generator for their dealing. With that in mind, let us discount counting cards from any strategy discussion.

Learn Basic Strategy

Mathematicians with minds greater than ours, and with the help of computer simulations, have figured out a basic strategy. It is called basic because it is quite simple to remember and understand. Following the basic strategy to the letter reduces the house edge to less than one-percent, which is superb for you.

Find a basic blackjack strategy card and you will never worry about how to play a hand. You need to know how to play every possibility if you are to win at blackjack. Follow basic strategy and you will know what to do when you have 15 and dealer is showing a seven.

Never Take Insurance

Do not take the insurance when offered it by the dealer because you will bleed chips. It is a sucker bet. You are essentially betting the dealer has a ten-value card as their downcard. Insurance usually pays 2-1 but the odds on winning the bet are far worse than this. Politely decline if offered insurance if you want to regularly win at blackjack.

Choose Your Table Carefully If You Want to Win at Blackjack

Not all blackjack tables are created equally, some have rules that hurt your bottom line. There is little in the way of choice if you are visiting a live casino but you have a lot of choices if you play blackjack online.

Avoid playing on tables where blackjack is not paid 3-2, they are just not worth your time. Some tables offer 6-5 or worse for hitting blackjack, which massively increases the house’s edge. Look for tables with liberal rules such as the dealer standing on soft 17 and being allowed to double after splitting. You should also look for games played with fewer decks. A single deck game is better than a four-deck game, which is better than an eight-deck game.

Avoid Betting Systems

Blackjack lends itself to progressive betting systems such as the Martingale System, which has seen many players go broke. The Martingale System looks foolproof on the outside, but delve deeper and it is flawed. We have already covered the Martingale System here. Read it then do not use the system!

Take Advantage of Bonuses

Sign up for any perks you can get hold of at a live casino to boost your potential winnings. Online casino players should take advantage of welcome bonuses and VIP programmes. These added extras can run into thousands of dollars and any additional money helps you win at blackjack.