Why People Lose at Roulette at the Casino

Most casino strategy articles try and teach you how to win at a specific game, but this one is different. We are going to tell you a handful of reasons why people lose at roulette instead. Knowing the reasons people lose at roulette at the casino helps you to avoid making the same mistakes in future. After all, knowing how not to lose is almost as good as knowing how to win!

House Edge is the Number One Reason People Lose

Let us get something out of the way before we plough on. The number one reason people lose at the casino, without a doubt, is the house edge. Casinos are in the business of making money. Sure, they occasionally lose in the short term but they win in the long run. Why? Because they stack the odds in their favour; this is known as the house edge.

Betting on a single number on a roulette wheel pays you 35-to-1. This looks great until you realise the odds of hitting that number on a single zero roulette wheel are 37-to-1. While the difference seems rather trivial, it is enough to completely erode your bankroll over time and is the reason casinos are still in business.

Placing outside bets at lesser odds still sees people lose in the long run, but the losses are far slower.

Adopting the Wrong Strategy

Roulette naturally lends itself to progressive betting systems that are a sure fire way of losing. The Martingale System is the most popular progressive system, one adopted by thousands of players daily. Betting systems are right up there with house edge in terms of why people lose at roulette.

Everything looks great until you hit six or seven consecutive losses at which point it falls apart. This is because you double your bet each time you lose. The system guarantees a profit if, and it is a big if, you do not hit table limits or lose your bankroll. Starting with a $1 bet, seven loses would see you have to bet $128 on your eighth bet and you will have already lost $127. It should be easy to see why people lose when they employ the Martingale system.

Chasing Losses

You should never, ever chase losses incurred from any form of gambling. It is a recipe for disaster. Nobody likes losing, but it is part of gambling and even part of life: you have to learn how to lose. Chasing losses is a bad idea and a common reason why people lose because you can bet recklessly. All common sense goes out of the window and you find yourself making bets you would not ordinarily.

The best way to prevent yourself from chasing losses is to set yourself a stop loss. This is a figure that you are prepared to lose and, once hit, you step away from the table and perhaps even leave the casino. Another is to only bet with money you can afford to lose. Make sure any money you spend on gambling is free and not needed for everyday life. Hopefully, you will win, but if you lose this money it will not be the end of the world.

Why People Lose at the Casino: Not Knowing When to Leave

Winning is a great feeling and one of the reasons punters love to gamble. Getting one over the casino and winning cash is always fun and a great experience. Hitting a purple patch, that is when Lady Luck is shining down on you and everything is going you way, can be as dangerous as chasing losses.

This may sound absurd, yet winning can actually be a hindrance to you because you ca become overconfident. Players throw caution to the wind when they think they are on a winning streak, believing they cannot do anything wrong. They place bets they would not usually make. Some bet higher amounts and expose themselves to more risk than usual.

Set yourself the opposite of a stop loss if this describes you. Do not be one of those people who goes on a tear and wins a decent sum of cash only to give it back to the casino and more besides. Cash-out if you hit a predetermined target, or at least cash out your profit so you have something to show for your time in the casino. Try not to become one of the players who goes home empty-handed wondering why people lose iat the casino.