NetEnt Launches 99.5% RTP Perfect Blackjack

Online gaming giant NetEnt has launched Perfect Blackjack, the first player-friendly blackjack format with a Return To Player of 99.5%

Blackjack is one of the few casino games that a player’s input has an effect on the outcome. Whereas games such as roulette and craps are down to pure luck, there is an element of skill in blackjack. Players around the world use blackjack strategy charts to help improve their chances of winnings. Online blackjack players load these charts up alongside their game, and live players take them to the casino. They are perfectly legal and some live casinos even offer them to customers.

These charts help players to decide how to play specific hands. Everyone knows to stand on 20, but how do you play soft 16 when the dealer is showing a nine? Adopting a perfect blackjack strategy reduces the house edge in the game. A lower house edge means a higher Return To Player (RTP), and that is never a bad scenario for punters.

Perfect Blackjack Does Away With Strategy Charts

You no longer need strategy charts if you play NetEnt’s Perfect Blackjack because the game does everything for you. Players now enjoy a massive RTP of 99.5% thanks to the NetEnt software playing blackjack perfectly. Perfect Blackjack deals players cards then plays the hand in the most optimal way possible. There is no more wondering what to do during a hand because Perfect Blackjack tells you.

Perfect Blackjack has an industry first to brag about too. It is the first Live Casino blackjack game offering an autoplay functionality. It is now possible to check the autoplay box and watch as the software automatically splits pairs or doubles down.

NetEnt has included multi-seat and multiple players per box with Perfect Blackjack to give more flexibility and scalability. Those who like side bets can wager on the likes of perfect pair and more.

Hands also complete faster than a standard blackjack game, allowing players to rack up more loyalty points. Of course, more hands per hour also benefit the online casino, even if its edge is only 0.5%.

“Launching Perfect Blackjack onto the full NetEnt Live customer network means that players with all our live casino partners will be able to be introduced to and enjoy the benefits of the optimal strategy. Beyond that, this is an innovative game that brings something truly different to the live casino market and we have seen that it’s an entertaining and popular product,” said Andres Rengifo, Director of NetEnt Live.

Innovative Game Launched Network Wide

The game is now available across all NetEnt Live’s customer network after a successful trial launch. NetEnt and Grosvenor Casinos, a British company owned by Rank Group Plc, developed Perfect Blackjack together. It was launched on Grosvenor Casinos, but is now available network wide.

Perfect Blackjack’s release came a couple of days before NetEnt announced the launch of the Network Branded Casino. NBC is a new product designed to boost flexibility and give greater control to operators’ live casino environment.

Three NBC tiers are available, each offering an increasing level of potential customisation. The entry-level has generic backgrounds but the top tier is fully tailored to individual partners.

Only two rooms are available immediately. One has a blackjack focus with two blackjack tables and one VIP table. The other features the aforementioned Perfect Blackjack, common draw blackjack and roulette.

Andres Rengifo, director of NetEnt Live, said “The Network Branded Casino from NetEnt Live has a range of quality solutions that suit all types of operators and their objectives. The product is fully attuned to their needs, allowing them to benefit from a state of the art live casino product and prioritise what is most important to their brand through new levels of flexibility.”