Crown Casino Melbourne Staff Set To Strike

The negativity surrounding Crown Casino Melbourne refuses to go away as the venue found itself in the press once again. Crown Casino Melbourne is already in hot water after new allegations of money laundering and worse surfaced this week. Now its staff went on strike and marched on the casino.

Approximately 1,000 Crown Casino Melbourne staff and their supporters marched on the casino on Tuesday according to United Workers Union. Workers are locked in a battle over better pay and job security with the casino’s senior management.

Those workers are in the latter stages of a ballot on whether strike action is needed. The upcoming Spring Racing Festival will be the first time staff have gone on strike in 16 years.

Tim Kennedy, the union’s national secretary spoke about one of the reasons his clients are angry.

“Staff believe as one of the largest and most profitable employers in Australia, Crown should be able to offer a full time job to anyone who wants one.”

Crown Casino Melbourne Staff Struggle While Execs Buy $200M yachts

Workers are angry they have a lack of job security with many forced to work zero-hour contracts. They also want an increase in their pay packets. The fact the likes of James Packer is able to afford a $200 million super yacht does not help matters.

A spokesperson for Crown Casino Melbourne said he was hopeful of finding a quick resolution to the dispute.

“Like many other employers in the hospitality industry, we provide a flexible workplace which caters to thousands of staff who prefer to work on a part-time or casual basis as it gives them the flexibility to pursue other work, study or family opportunities. Where staff would like to work additional hours, depending on their availability and trading conditions, we strive to provide them with the opportunity to increase their hours worked.”

Strike action is something Crown Casino Melbourne could do without right now. New allegations of essentially smuggling VIPs through customs surfaced this week. A former limousine driver claims Crown staff are instructed to do anything for the Chinese VIPs who visit the casino. Allegations of drug dealing, prostitution, and money laundering came to light.

Two prominent members of parliament have called for full and thorough inquiry.

Thief Used Proceeds of Crime to Fund Roulette Habit at Crown

The press showed Crown Casino Melbourne negatively again although this time not through its own shady dealing. A court case where a Springvale man was found guilty of stealing named the popular casino.

Aries Kim, a 21-year-old, worked at the Parkmore Coles supermarket and would hide tins of baby milk formula in the warehouse. Kim later returned to collect the tins wearing his uniform while off-duty. Evidence of Kim selling the tins to daigou convicted him of stealing between 300 and 500 tins.

The store’s managers set up hidden surveillance after discovering several opened cartons where baby formula tins were missing. Cameras caught Kim filling his bag with the missing tins. He hid them in various places around the warehouse, including in roof cavities.

An audit revealed 1,766 cans of formula were missing when the average stores loses between 30-60 tins. Kim admitted stealing between 300 to 500 tins from February 1st and March 26th. Store bosses valued the stolen goods at between $7,520 and $15,000.

Kim’s lawyer said in caught that her client was stealing to fund a growing gambling addiction. Proceeds from the thefts went on playing roulette at Crown Casino Melbourne, the court heard. Online scams and the theft of two cars also blemished Kim’s record.

Magistrate Jack Vandersteen neglected to give Kim a custodial sentence. Vandersteen did state he could have jailed Kim. Instead, Kim must perform 250 hours of unpaid work and was given an 18-month community corrections order. Coles will receive $7,500 compensation while Kim also received a six-month driving ban for not having a full drivers license.