Baccarat Strategy To Help You Win More

Baccarat is an extremely popular card game played both live and in online casinos. Its simple rules make it easy to learn while players look into baccarat strategy to help them win more.

You may think it is difficult to create a baccarat strategy because there are only three outcomes to any game. But it is possible to adopt a baccarat strategy to increase your chances of winning, be that online or live.

Baccarat Strategy: The Basics

Each round of play in baccarat is called the baccarat coup and there are three possible outcomes. Player is one, meaning the player has the higher score. Banker is another, which means the banker has the higher score. Tie completes the trio and means the player and banker had the same score.

Several versions of baccarat exist, although they are very similar. Punto Banco is sometimes called North American baccarat and is the most popular variant. The winnings odds are in favour of the house but house edge is lower than one percent.

Never Make the Tie Bet

Every casino game or pokies machine has a house edge. It is how the casino makes its money. Baccarat has a low house edge, at least for the most part. Betting on the banker side has a house edge of 1.06%. Those betting on the side of the player make bets with a 1.24%. Here is your first bit of baccarat strategy: avoid the tie bet.

Those who bet on the outcome being a tie can win an eight-to-one payout, but the house edge is 14.4%! That is a ridiculous house edge when the other available bets are so low. Avoid it all costs. Some casinos, usually those in the United Kingdom, pay nine-to-one on the tie. This lowers the edge to 4.85% but it should still be avoided.

A One-Sided Baccarat Strategy

Do not dismiss a baccarat strategy just because it suggests betting on a single outcome. The simplest strategies can sometimes be the best. This strategy sees you always betting on the same outcome, either banker or player. Punters prefer betting on the banker because of the lower edge, yet forget they pay a 5% commission for doing so.

Sticking with a single-sided strategy is not the most exciting baccarat strategy in the world, but you will not forget it!

Compare the Competition

Five-percent is the industry standard amount of commission charged on the banker bet in baccarat. Live casinos sometimes offer lower commission rates in order to tempt new customers. Australian online casinos do the same and you do not have to travel to check out the different rates. Simply go to our partners pages and see what their commissions are. A reduction of only 1% does not seem like it is worth it, but it definitely is in the long run.

Be aware that some casinos offer zero commission on the banker although the banker wins on six and only pays half. If it looks too good to be true it probably is!

Fewer Decks Are Better

An eight deck shoe is what you will play baccarat with most of the time, but less is better. The baccarat strategy of playing with a smaller shoe needs to shopping around the various casinos. More skilled players benefit from playing baccarat games with fewer than eight decks.

Baccarat Strategy: Play Online Instead of Live

Playing baccarat online allows you to play far more hands per hour than if you were at an actual casino. Results converge closer to what you expect the more hands you play, so faster dealing speeds are advantageous.

Online baccarat players also enjoy plenty of comps and loyalty programs, not to mention welcome and reload bonuses. They also have not travel costs, not expensive drinks and no tips to make. Cutting down on unneeded expenses is a great way to conserve your bankroll, making online baccarat the game of choice.