Optimal Online Pokies Strategy

Online pokies are the most popular form of gambling undertaken by Australians. Hundreds of Aussie take to online casinos every day hoping to win big from these exciting machines. Every online casino for Australian players feature a suite of dozens if not hundreds of pokies. Maximising your chances of winning means you need to adopt an optimal online pokies strategy.

Every man and his dog claims to have devised a pokies strategy that allows them to win every time. Do not believe anyone who tries to sell you this tale because they are 100 percent lying. Casinos make their money by stacking the odds in their favour. Whether it is pokies, roulette, blackjack, or craps, you are getting the worst of it.

This means that all forms of casino gambling are impossible to beat in the long term. Do not let that put you off, however, because you can reap the rewards in the short term. This beating of the odds in the short term is what makes casino gambling so fun and potentially profitable. Which leads us perfectly to our first piece of pokies strategy.

Pokies Strategy: Pick a Pokie With a High RTP

RTP is the acronym for Return To Player, which is exactly what is sounds like. Pokies creators publish the RTP of their machines so you know how much, on average, the slot returns to you. For example, a pokies machine with a 95 percent RTP returns $95 for every $100 you spend. Likewise, a RTP of 98.5 percent returns, over an infinite sample, $98.50 for every $100 you feed the machine.

Playing on high RTP pokies is a great start to adopting an optimal pokies strategy. Even a machine with one or two percent higher RPT makes all the difference. Think of RTP as a form of taxation. You are essentially paying the casino to play on its pokies. Would you like to pay more tax on your job’s salary? No, you would not, so do not pay more “tax” on pokies than you need.

Always Play The maximum Coins / Paylines

Modern pokies, especially those found in online casinos, have multiple paylines. It is not uncommon to find pokies with 200 or more paylines, giving you more chances to win. It should be glaringly obvious that you need to play every payline possible to increase your chances of winning.

Lower your stake if it means you can play more winlines. It is a much better pokies strategy to play 200 lines of $0.01 than it is 10 lines at $2. Sure, you can win bigger with the larger stake, but hitting the largest winning combos and feature is far less likely and this is where the big money lies.

You often find that the biggest prizes are offered when you play the most lines. As an example, video poker does this to encourage you to play more coins. Pokies are the same: always play the most lines possible, they’re there for a reason!

Pokies Strategy: Make the Most of Bonus Features

Bonus rounds and special feature are where the biggest payouts sit waiting. Almost every pokie has a bonus round, even if it is just a handful of free spins. It is imperative that you make the most of bonus rounds to maximise your chances of massive wins.

One way to do this is to slow down when you play a pokies machine. Take your time to physically click each spin and wait for the reels to settle. It is so easy to trigger a bonus round or feature without realising and then wasting the opportunity to win big.

This means never using the auto spin feature so many pokies have available. While this allows you to step away and do some chores, it also means the machine plays for you when you are not there. Your chances of winning big will increase dramatically when you adopt this pokies strategy immediately.