Five Things Not To Do When You Play Blackjack

Thousands of Australians play blackjack in casinos and online every day. The game is frighteningly simple, has a low house edge, and can be played for a wide range of stakes. What’s not to like?

A quick Google search for how to play blackjack returns hundreds of thousands of results. Almost all give you advice on how to improve your chances of winning by adopting basic blackjack strategy. And why shouldn’t this be the most popular response? Playing with a tried and tested strategy does help you win more (or lose less) when you play blackjack.

Learning what you shouldn’t do at the blackjack table is equally as important, right? Cutting out mistakes reduces losses and lowers the house edge, so why aren’t you working on your errors?

This article highlights five things you shouldn’t do when you play blackjack. Commit them to memory, act on them and hopefully, see the money come rolling in.

Never Play Blackjack With Money You Can’t Afford To Lose

Never, ever play blackjack with money you can’t afford to lose; it is a recipe for disaster. Bankroll management seems boring because it is, but it’s also crucial to your longevity in the game.

Playing for stakes you can afford makes your decision making simpler and less stressful. It also gives you the chance to enjoy the game and the experience.

Betting $100 a hand when you have $200 available to play blackjack isn’t going to end well. Betting $2 a hand with a $200 bankroll will let you play 100 hands at least. Which would you prefer?

Don’t Ever Play Blackjack While Under The Influence

Hands up if you’ve ever done something stupid while under the influence of alcohol. Keep them in the air if you’ve made poor gambling decisions you can pin on the booze?

Gambling and drinking alcohol don’t mix. It’s usually fun for a while, but that fun turns to despair when you suddenly decide to play blackjack and double down on a hard 19. People do it. Silly people do it. Don’t be a silly person!

Blackjack Players Should Never Split A Pair Of Fives or Tens

You will read this next tip and wonder wh on Earth ever makes this mistake. It happens and happens a lot, trust me. Never split a pair of fives or a pair of tens when you play blackjack. Only if someone has a gun to your head should you consider splitting these pairs. Even then, you should probably change your casino first.

The most appropriate action for a pair of fives is to double down. That is unless the dealer is showing a ten or an ace. Splitting is the worst thing you can do because it’s highly likely you’ll end up with two 15s.

Don’t split tens either, just stand on 20 and hope the dealer doesn’t push or have blackjack. There’s no need to get fancy at all. Slow and steady wins the race, as they say.

Buying Insurance Is A Leak If You Play Blackjack

Here’s something else you shouldn’t do if you play blackjack: buy insurance. Casinos, including online casinos, are in the business of making money. This means you need to ask yourself why they’re offering you a bet on them having blackjack. Want to know the answer? It’s because the odds are stacked in the house’s favour.

Taking insurance sees the house edge soar to approximately 6.7%. it is around 0.5% without insurance. You decide which is better value for you.

Avoid Playing Blackjack With Loose Gamblers

Playing blackjack with others is a great way to blow off steam and have a laugh at the same time. Casino table games are great fun when enjoyed with others, but not all tablemates are created equal.

Poker players love having looser players at their table because they create more action. This is the opposite of what you want when you play blackjack.

Loose, usually drunk, blackjack players are loved by casinos. They deviate widely from the optimal strategy. They draw cards when they should clearly stand. Plus they can get obnoxious to boot. What’s not to love?!

The fact they draw to cards they should has a detrimental effect on your profits. Imagine they draw a card when they shouldn’t and that would be perfect for your holding. We don’t condone violence, but you see where we’re coming from here!