Everything You Need to Know About the Online Casino Bonus

Online casinos offer various types of bonus. There’s the welcome bonus, reload bonus, refer-a-friend bonus and more. There seems to be bonuses for absolutely every scenario imaginable.

There are bonuses galore right here at pokies-pokies.com. Our team scours the internet looking for the best bonuses for our readers. It can all seem a little daunting. It won’t be by the time you finish reading this article in a few minutes time.

Why Is a Casino Offering Me a Bonus?

That is a good question! Online casinos offer bonuses for two main reasons: to attract new customers and to retain existing customers.

There are hundreds of online casinos to choose from. There are dozens of them for Australians to chose from even though we’re not exactly spoiled for choice compared to other countries.

All these casinos are vying for your business. Offering a free cash is one way to stand out from the crowd and get your brand noticed.

Attracting new customers is a costly business for online casinos, so keeping hold of customers is vital. This is where other bonuses come into play.

Offering an existing customer a bonus stands a good chance that player will continue playing at your site. It negates the need to offer more large welcome bonuses and spend vast fortunes on marketing.

What is a Welcome or First Deposit Bonus?

A welcome or first deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like. It is awarded to new customers who make their first deposit at the online casino.

Welcome bonuses tend to match your initial deposit by a predetermined amount and are usually substantial. Kahuna Casino, for example, offers up to $4,000 worth of welcome bonuses to new customers. This is made up over 10 deposits.

The first is a 100% up to $1,000 bonus. This means your initial deposit is matched, in the form of a bonus, 100% up to a maximum of $1,000. Deposit $100 and receive a $100 bonus. Make that first deposit $1,000 and Kahnua Casino gives you $1,000 in bonus money.

What is a Reload Bonus?

Reload bonuses are like welcome bonuses in they do exactly what they say on the tin! Reload your account, that is make another deposit, and you receive a bonus.

This bonus type tends to be smaller than a welcome bonus, usually matching 50% of your next deposit. Some casinos offer reloads sporadically, others have them as a permanent fixture on their site.

Can I Spend These Funds Immediately?

All casino bonuses have wagering requirements attached to them. This is mostly to protect the casinos from abuse. Players could sign up for a new account, claim a $1,000 bonus, withdraw their funds, and disappear into the either with wagering requirements.

Each casino has different rules, so it is imperative you check the site’s terms and conditions. You’ll see statements such as 40x wagering requirement. This means you need to place wagers worth 40-times the size of the bonus you’re releasing (or clearing).

You are free to do whatever you want with these funds once they are fully released into your account balance.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

Not all games are eligible to complete the wagering requirements. Again, all online casinos differ but most assign a weighting to each casino game.

Weighting means different games count a different amount towards the wagering requirements. Pokies tend to contribute 100% towards the requirements. Table games such as blackjack usually have a 10% weighting. This means each $1 wagered on pokies counts $1 towards your wagering requirements. Likewise, $1 wagered at blackjack, using our example, contributes $0.10 towards the wagering requirements.

You’re hopefully now armed with enough information to choose the right deal for you. Head to our list of trusted partners and choose from a plethora of bonuses.