How To Protect Yourself From the Coronavirus

Residents from countries around the world are living in fear of the coronavirus. It’s spreading like wildfire with confirmed diagnoses reaching 80,000. Deaths continue to climb with nearly 2,500 people having lost their lives. Knowing how to protect yourself from the coronavirus is definitely something worth knowing.

Latest figures from the World Meters website show 78,966 confirmed cases and 2,468 unfortunate deaths. It also shows 23,415 people that have recovered after being infected. It doesn’t show, however, how to protect yourself from being infected in the first place.

Thankfully, for Australians at least, there are limited cases on our shores. China has the vast majority of infections and almost all confirmed deaths. You’d expect this as the virus originated in Wuha, China. Australia has seen 22 confirmed cases of the virus. Eleven Aussies have recovered, and there have been no deaths to date.

It is easy to protect yourself from coronavirus if you follow a handful of simple steps. You should actually be following these steps as part of your daily routine anyway, especially if you frequent casinos or play poker in a live environment.

Protect Yourself From Coronavirus By Washing Your Hands Regularly

The first line of defence against the virus is to wash your hands regularly. Protect yourself easily by washing your hands with soap and water at regular points of the day. You can use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser or rub if soap and water aren’t an option.

Those of you who play casino games in an actual casino should be doing this anyway. Cards and chips are handled by thousands of different people every week. Those cards and chips are hardly cleaned, if ever, and you never know what your fellow table game players’ personal hygiene is like.

This virus doesn’t last long outside its host and is killed by soap and water. Protect yourself by killing off this horrible virus before it has a chance to infect you.

Avoiding Touching Your Face Helps Protect Yourself From Infection

Another way to protect yourself from infection is to stop touching your face. Humans touch their face dozens of times per day without even realising it. The latest study shows we touch our faces 3.6 times per hour and objects 3.3 times per hour.

Each of those touches can transfer this or any virus into your body.

Imagine playing blackjack at the Crown Casino for three hours. You’ll touch your face approximately 10 times during that session. You’ll be handling cards and chips touched by thousands of people with those same hands.

It’s easy to see, with this example, how easy it is to catch a virus. Protect yourself by consciously thinking not to touch your face.

Don’t Just Protect Yourself, Protect Others

Immunisation protects people because of something called herd mentality. Viruses can’t spread if they can’t infect you and others around you.

There’s no immunisation currently available, but you can take measures to protect yourself and others. Macau shut down all its casinos to prevent customers passing on the virus. China has also banned its residents from travelling, something costing the Australian casinos $4 billion in lost revenue.

You can help by coughing and sneezing into a tissue, then discarding that tissue in a bin. Follow this up by thoroughly washing your hands and the risk of infection is minimal.

Stay At Home and Play Online

We’d never deter our readers from visiting a bricks and mortar casino because they’re great fun. But, and here’s the but, you can always stay at home as a measure to protect yourself.

Playing at any of the online casinos shown on means you’re not coming in contact with an infected person. You still have a wide range of table games and pokies to choose from. Also, some online casinos have a live dealer facility that makes it like you’re at an actual venue.

You still need to wash your hands and cough into a tissue, as you should regardless of viruses being around.