How To Play Live Dealer Casino Games Online

The deadly coronavirus caused Australian casinos to indefinitely close their doors last week. This has resulted in thousands of casino game players flocking to online casinos. Online casino are great fun, but they’re no substitute for an actual casino. That is until you start playing Live Dealer games.

Live Dealer casino games are growing in popularity and it is easy to see why. These innovative online casino games make it possible to enjoy a live casino experience from your own home. Not every online casino offers this exciting feature, but they should. You’ll never go back to traditional online casino games once you’ve played Live Dealer games.

What Are Live Dealer Games?

Live Dealer games are a recent addition to the online casino world. You still log into your casino account and make bets with your online balance, but the game is dealt by an actual person.

The games take place in a casino or studio, often miles away, and the action is streamed via video. All the games take place in real-time just as they would if you were physically seated at them. Each of these games has its own croupier who progresses the games and interacts with you in real-time. It is the next best thing to setting foot in an actual casino.

What Live Dealer Games Are Available?

Each casino offering Live Dealer games has different games they spread. Blackjack and roulette are the most common simply because they’re the most popular casino games. You’ll often find several different blackjack and roulette variants to try.

Other popular live dealt games include Baccarat, Casino Stud Poker, Casino Hold’em, and Sic-bo. Check our online casino reviews to see which games they offer in this format.

Main Differences Between These and Standard Online Games

Having an actual person dealing your games is the main difference between Live Dealer games and the traditional suite of online casino games. This means that Live Dealer games tend to progress slower than those run by machines.

Your dealer has to do all the jobs an actual dealer would need to except for paying out winnings. All wins and losses are handled automatically by the online casino’s software. This means roulette spins take longer because the ball has to actually spin around the wheel.

Likewise, games such as blackjack tend to run more slowly because the dealer has to wait for everyone to act.

The slower action is more than made up for by the interaction you can have with the dealer and your fellow players. There is a chatbox on the screen where you type to talk. The Live Dealer answers your questions, asks you questions, and it is fantastic.

My girlfriend and I decided to play some online roulette last weekend and used the live dealer software. It was great fun thanks to the dealer cracking jokes, our fellow roulette players chimed in, and it was like being at the casino!

One downside to these games is the size of the stakes you play for. These games have larger overheads for the casino. The dealers are paid an hourly rate, there’s rent of the studio and streaming equipment etc. This leads to the minimum stakes being slightly higher than a typical online casino game. It’s not a massive difference, but you need more of a bankroll for Live Dealer games.

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You’ll find our impartial reviews easy to navigate through. The dedicated sign-up link automatically awards you the best possible bonus. Check with the casino, once you’ve signed up, if they have a special Live Dealer bonus available.