Five Essential Tips For Winning at Blackjack

Winning at blackjack is a great feeling. You’ve taken on the house and beaten it in its own backyard. Hands up if you don’t like winning at blackjack. Those of you with your hands in the air can leave now. The rest of you, stay put and discover five essential tips for winning at blackjack.

Step 1 to Winning at Blackjack: Learn Basic strategy

The majority of casino table games are games of chance. Blackjack is different because there’s an element of skill involved. You control your own destiny to some degree.

Blackjack already has a very small house edge, but this is made smaller by playing well. Reducing the house’s edge is a sure-fire way to increase your chances of winning at blackjack.

Basic blackjack strategy is easy to learn. It works two ways. First, by maximising your potential winnings when the odds look in your favour. Second, by helping tip the odds in your favour in certain scenarios.

Print off a blackjack strategy sheet from online and have it with you when you play blackjack. Most are tabulated so you can instantly see what the optimal play is.

Forget about counting cards to increase your chances of winning at blackjack. It’s an impossible, pointless task at online casinos where the decks are continually shuffled.

Start Winning More at Blackjack by Not Taking Insurance

It’s tempting to take insurance when the dealer is showing an ace. Don’t be sucked in, it’s a losing bet in the long term and harms your chances of winning at blackjack.

Blackjack insurance is an additional bet on top of your original bet. It pays 2 to 1 if the dealer has blackjack, but you lose your original bet, so you break even. You’re much better off taking on the dealer and attempting to beat them.

Don’t Bet Progressively Even if You’re Winning at Blackjack

Always bet the same amount regardless of if you’re winning at blackjack or losing. Progressive betting systems always eventually lead to catastrophic failure.

Betting systems, such as the Martingale system, promise to guarantee a win. This is true, although there’s a caveat to the promise. The system assumes two factors: you have an unlimited bankroll and there are no table betting limits. Every live and online casino enforces table limits. I would bet my net worth that you don’t have an unlimited bankroll.

It’s tempting to increase your bets if you hit a hot streak. Don’t do this. Stick with the same bet size and concentrate purely on playing the best blackjack strategy.

Find Tables With the Most Liberal Rules

Not all blackjack tables are created equally. Some offer different table limits and bet sizes. There are those that only pay 6 to 5 on blackjack instead of 3 to 2. Others use a couple of decks of cards, with some using eight or more. Each casino has it’s own rules, find one that has rules working in your favour.

Some of the best rules to boost your chances of winning at blackjack include:

  • Using a single or double decks
  • Paying 2 to 1 or 3 to 2 on blackjack
  • Allowing you to double down on any two cards
  • Dealer has to stand on soft 17
  • Allowing you to re-split pairs and aces

These rules lower the house edge, which is exactly what you want to do and as much as possible.

Keep Your Cool, Especially When Losing

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen someone go broke through losing their cool. Nobody likes losing, especially when there’s money involved. Losing, however, is part of gambling. Learn how to deal with losing and you’re already winning at blackjack.

The deck isn’t rigged against you and one dealer isn’t luckier than the rest. You’re playing a game based on mathematics. Lady Luck works in your favour sometimes, but the dealer is entitled to win too. Blame the game, not the player!

A great start to dealing with losing is to follow a bankroll management plan. Losing still sucks, but it’s not as bad if that money is money you can afford to lose. Don’t start firing huge bets thinking it’s your turn to get lucky. Stick to a simple game plan and if you lose, so be it. Just try to beat the house next time.