Playtech Launches Majority Rules Speed Blackjack

Gambling software giants Playtech has launched Majority Rules Speed Blackjack following a collaboration with GVC Holdings.

Majority Rules Speed Blackjack is currently exclusive to GVC and Playtech, but becomes available everywhere from July.

Blackjack remains the world’s most popular casino table game with millions of players every day. Its simplicity is one of the main reasons for its popularity. The fact players can adopt a basic strategy to assist their winnings also helps. Gamblers like to be in control of their own destiny, playing blackjack allows them to mix skill and luck.

This latest release from Playtech is something we’ve never seen before, a world first. Playtech says majority Rules Speed Blackjack adds a brand new social element to the game.

It comes with two different modes: Best Strategy and Majority Rules, hence the game’s name. The Majority Rules mode sees all active players vote whether to Hit, Stand, Double, or Split. Any action with a 50% or greater vote triggers an automatic action.

Best Strategy is employed in games with fewer players. The action is completed according to a predefined blackjack best strategy. Again, this is performed automatically.

Playtech and GVC Excited for Majority Rules Speed Blackjack

Both companies are unsurprisingly excited to see the launch of their new blackjack format. The game is currently exclusive to GVC and Playtech, although a network-wide launch happens in July.

Edo Haitin, CEO of Playtech Live Casino, said, “Innovation and experience-led gameplay are at the core of our product strategy, and Majority Rules Speed Blackjack delivers on both counts. The success of our community Live Slots concept demonstrates player demand for interactive & fun games – the experience you would enjoy when playing alongside others in a land-based casino. We’re confident the combination of engaging classic Blackjack gameplay and the new collaborative, community play will be a major hit with players and will of course create the proper Speed variant for Blackjack.”

Matt Charlesworth, Head of Live Casino at GVC, said, “Everyone at GVC was delighted to work closely with Playtech on Majority Rules Speed Blackjack, through all stages of concept, design and development – and we’re excited to offer this first of its type game to our players across the GVC brands. Majority Rules Speed Blackjack captures a real community feel with the unique ‘Ask the Audience’ voting approach to the in-game decision-making. The game is fully scalable, offering something very different for players, without deviating from classic European Blackjack with popular sidebets.”

This Isn’t The First New Blackjack Variant

Majority Rules Speed Blackjack isn’t the first innovative change to the popular card table game. Developers are always looking for new ways to improve players’ experience. Simple games such as blackjack can grow boring easily because, in part, of their simplicity. Operators want blackjack players to continue playing, hence new games like Majority Rules Speed Blackjack.

NetEnt launched its own new version of blackjack seven months ago. NetEnt bills Perfect Blackjack as the first-ever player-friendly blackjack game. This is because it comes with an 99.5% RTP.

RTP is the acronym for Return To Player. Casinos display a game’s RTP to show the house edge of a particular game. The house only has an 0.5% edge in this example, meaning players can expect to see $99.50 returned to them for every $100 wagered.

Blackjack players, particularly new to the game, use strategy charts to help make their decisions. Perfect Blackjack does away with these charts because the software adopts the perfect strategy automatically.

It’s great to see software companies adding new facets to the great game of blackjack. It’s easy to see why Perfect Blackjack is popular, but the jury is out on how players will receive this new format.