How To Play Roulette Like a Professional

Thousands of people play roulette every day but how many play roulette like a professional. The lure of the roulette wheel is strong because of the potential big wins it offers. Those big wins are rare, however, because chances of winning a single number bet is 37-to-1.

What if we told you there’s a way to play roulette like a professional and stack the odds in your favour somewhat? We need to get something straight before we start. There is no guarantee you will win playing roulette. The green zero is the reason why. This, combined with paying less than true odds, is what gives the house its edge. You can use a betting system to help you play roulette like a professional, but it’s not a perfect system.

We found a strategy from a professional roulette player that uses a progressive betting system. It has similarities to the Martingale system, which means it comes with an element of risk. It also means there is a chance you go broke, but you also only need $114 available to have approximately 93% chance of at least breaking even.

Play Roulette Like a Professional Starting With Your Casino Choice

The system you’re about to learn can be used in a live casino or online casino. We prefer online casinos for a number of reasons. They include being able to bet smaller, and having no additional costs such as tips and travel. Roulette games play faster online too so you can fit in more spins in a shorter time frame.

Open accounts with more than one online casino, preferably three. Our online casinos pages have reviews of the best sites open to Australian players. Casinos, regardless of what they tell you, don’t like serial winners. Having accounts with a trio of casinos allows you to chop and change, plus take advantage of more bonuses.

Playing roulette like a professional sometimes means not playing roulette at all! Don’t play roulette on the same site every day, mix in some blackjack and pokies too. This paints a picture of someone who is a gambler, a gambler who gets lucky at roulette.

You need to decide what size your bankroll is. Bigger is always better when it comes to gambling bankrolls, but you only need $114 available for this system.

What Is This Roulette System The Pros Use?

The system we discovered is similar to the Martingale system. Most players who Martingale roulette bets do so by betting odd/even or red/black. This system uses betting on the different dozens: 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. These bets payout 2-to1 instead of 1-to-1.

Start by choosing one of the three dozen bet and place a $3 bet. Continue betting $3 whenever you win, but we increase our bets when we lose. We return to $3 bets again as soon as we win a spin.

The table below shows the size of the bets you need to make to play roulette like a professional. Losing seven consecutive spins is quite rare, but results in you losing $114 in total.

Mulitplier Bet Required bankroll
1x $3 $3
2x $6 $9
3x $9 $18
4x $12 $30
6x $18 $48
9x $27 $75
13x $39 $114
20x $60 $174
30x $90 $264
45x $135 $399
67x $201 $600
100x $300 $900

For example, we bet $3 on the 1-2 dozen column and lose. Now we bet $6 and lose again. Losing this bet means our third bet is $9. This spin wins so we revert to $3 until we lose again.

Remember there is no sure-fire way to win at roulette because casinos won’t allow it. They’re in the business of making money so stack the odds in their favour. Using this system can see you have up to a 93% chance of walking away with a profit, all from a $114 bankroll. It’s definitely worth a try.