How Do You Control Your Gambling?

What do you do to control your gambling? Staying in control is crucial because it’s so easy to develop a problem if you let it.

Approximately 115,000 Australians are classified as problem gamblers. A further 280,000 Aussies are consider to have a moderate risk of developing a problem. These unfortunate souls are, thankfully, a minority. Most online casino users enjoy playing pokies, blackjack, and roulette with no issues. Some, however, develop issues just like some drinkers become alcoholics.

The following tips are a simple yet effective way to control your gambling. Read them, digest them and reach out to us if you require further explanations.

Bankroll Management is a Great Way to Control Your Gambling

Gambling with money they can’t afford to lose is a classic sign of a gambling problem. Following bankroll management is a great way to control your gambling.

Bankroll management is exactly what it sounds like, managing your bankroll. Your bankroll is a sum of money that is available for gambling. It is made up entirely of money you can afford to lose without it affecting you or your dependents. It is vital your bankroll isn’t needed for anything else.

If little Oliver has a school trip coming up that you have no other way of funding, don’t include this money as part of your bankroll, for example.

Your bankroll also dictates how large, or small, your bets should be. Experts recommend not betting more than 2% of your bankroll at any one time. This means $2 bets if you have a $100 bankroll, or $20 maximum bets with a $1,000 bankroll.

Allowing your bankroll to dictate your bet sizes helps control your gambling.

Never Chase Your Losses If You Want To Control Your Gambling

Chasing losses is never a good thing to do as a gambler. Nobody likes losing, it’s difficult to take, but you have to deal with it. There are several reasons why chasing losses is bad if you want to control your gambling.

Bankroll management goes out of the window for a start. This is especially bad because it’s our foundation for being a responsible gambler. Players tend to bet larger amounts than usual in an attempt to claw back the lost money.

It’s also common for loss chasers to play longer sessions than they’re used to. This leads to tiredness setting in and more losses are inevitable.

Never Gamble When You’re Under The Influence

Having a few drinks while you win the casinos money is a dream scenario, but ill-advised. Notice how casinos gift patrons free or discounted booze? It’s because drinking and gambling doesn’t mix. Well, it does for the house.

Alcohol lowers humans’ inhibitions and makes rational decisions more difficult. This can lead to larger bet sizes and increase the likelihood of chasing losses. How many bad decisions have you made under the influence of drink? Exactly!

Being Stressed, Angry, or Tired is as Bad as Being Drunk

People love gambling to blow off some steam at the end of a hard working week. That’s all well and good but make sure you’re not gambling while under a lot of stress. Being angry is even worse.

You’ll be unable to control your gambling if you’re playing pokies etc while angry or stressed. Our blood pressure rises and we’re more likely to make mistakes and rash decisions.

You will only gamble when you have a clear mind and positive mindset in an ideal world.

Help Is Out There

Anything can happen in our lives that results in us developing a problem. Gambling issues crop up when you least expect them. Always remember to stop when the fun stops.

Online casinos have a responsibility to protect their customers. Ask them to block your account for 24-hours, a week, month, or more if you feel matters are getting out of hand. Likewise, land-based casinos can give you a cooling down period so you can control your gambling.

There are many professional outfits out there who are trained to help anyone with their issues. It doesn’t matter if you’ve lost $10 or $10,000 and feel bad about it (gambling should never make you feel bad), help is out there. Use it.