How To Beat The Odds at the Casino

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Every single person who enters a casino can win. All you need is Lady Luck to shine down so you can beat the odds and walk away a winner. You cannot change or improve your luck. Some even say luck doesn’t exist. There are steps you can take to help beat the odds at the casino, however.

Casinos are in the business of making money. Operating a casino is like having a license to print money. The casino always wins in the long run. How does it always win, you ask. Because they stack the odds in their favour and you need to beat the odds to win.

Stacking the odds in their favour is all above board and perfectly legal. Online casinos, live casinos, even sports betting sites do it every day. Those odds don’t have to be massively in the house’s favour, a couple of percent is enough to turn serious profit. It’s not impossible to beat the odds a casino sets otherwise nobody would ever gamble. You do need your wits about you, however, and be able to arm yourself with information.

Beat The Odds By Staying Focussed

I spent a lot of time at Planet Hollywood the last time I visited Las Vegas. The No-Limit Hold’em cash games were juicy there and very profitable. The poker room at Planet Hollywood is towards the back of the casino. You go through a “party pit” area on your way to the cash game tables.

These so-called party pits are a casinos dream. They’re designed to attract a certain type of gambler and they’re very effective. You may have seen them yourself. They have beautiful, scantily-clad girls dancing on podiums and poles. Booze flows and everyone has a good time.

Everything is designed to prevent you from playing optimally or to notice the casino slashed the blackjack odds from 6/5 to 3/2. Doing this means a $100 bet wins $120 instead of the usual $150. This makes it difficult to beat the odds because you can’t win as much money.

It is a good idea to wear a watch whenever you visit a brick and mortar casino. Casinos have no windows or clocks so gamblers lose track of time. It is more likely the casino wins the longer you gamble for. Knowing the time won’t beat the odds on its own, but it certainly helps if you can keep track of everything.

Know The Odds and Tricks Employed

Most gamblers know the odds are stacked against them in a casino but don’t know by how much. How can you beat the odds if you don’t know what you’re trying to beat?

Let’s take Keno as a shining example. How many times have you played a 20-spot ticket? Do you know it is practically impossible to beat the odds of matching 20 numbers on such a ticket. Nobody has ever done it in the history of the game. The odds are one in 3.5 quintillion! In numbers, that looks like 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,336!

Always play the games with the lowest house edge to reduce your chances of losing. Video poker has a typical house edge of 0.46% but only if you play perfectly. Blackjack and the outside bets on a roulette wheel are low also.

Casinos employ tricks to sway you towards games or bets with a higher edge. Have you ever noticed “the Field” and “Any 7” bets on a craps table are the most colourful? It isn’t like that by coincidence. Those bets have a large house edge and it’s difficult to beat the odds wagering on them.

Make Sure You Stay in the Game

You can’t win if you’re not on the game, which is why bankroll management is important. Only bet what you can afford to lose and allow your bankroll to dictate the stakes played for. Don’t play $20 a hand at blackjack if you only have a $200 bankroll. You’ll go broke in no time at all and be unable to beat the odds because you’ll be sat on the sidelines.