How To Win More From Pokies

Learn how to win more from pokies with this free pokies strategy guide

We all want to win more from pokies. Ask any gambler if they want to win more from pokies and they’ll answer yes. Why wouldn’t you want to see your bankroll grow for playing your favourite games. You’d be crazy not to want more money.

Winning on pokies is mostly out of your control. Luck is the biggest factor allowing or stopping you from booking a winning session. Pokies are money makers for casinos and online casinos; they’re a licence to print money. Why else do you think there are so many pokies in venues? It’s not because the operators is bothered about you having a large portfolio to choose from.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not saying pokies are bad. Far from it. We love pokies, our website is named after them! You just need to be aware of why casinos have pokies for you to play.

Win More From Pokies With Machine Selection

It is possible to win more from pokies just by selecting the correct machine. All poker machines are not created equally. Some are designed to pay small wins frequently. Others pay larger wins but less frequently. Some pokies have a large house edge, others, a low house edge.

All this information is readily available at the pokies’ online casino. The information is easily found online if your online casino of choice doesn’t share this information.

Try playing games with larger RTP, or Return To Player, if you want to win more from pokies. RTP is the statistic used to show how much money a machine returns you for every $100 you wager. Subtract the RTP figure from 100 and you get the house edge.

For example, a machine with a 97% RTP pays, on average, $97 for every $100 you wager. Its house edge? That is 3%. It’s that simple.

Software developers come to their RTP figure over billions of spins. The machine pays out lower and higher than its advertised RTP in the short term. It always, however, converges to the true RTP if you play long enough.

It should be obvious why you win more from pokies with a higher RTP. You potentially win more because the machines pays out more.

Win More From Pokies: Set Yourself Some Rules

There are some golden rules to follow if you want to win more from pokies. Never lose more than you can afford to lose is one. Don’t try winning more than you can (take profits), is another.

Set yourself an upper limit and lower limit whenever you play pokies. Let’s start with the upper limit first. Set yourself a realistic target you want to win before you start playing. Take your money and enjoy your profits as soon as you hit this number. It’s tempting to continue playing but don’t. Change machines at the very least.

The lower limit is your stop loss, a figure you stop playing immediately if you lose a set amount. Limiting your losses is a great way to conserve your bankroll. You may have lost this fight but you can continue in the war if you have a bankroll left.

Practice For Free, Understand Jackpots, Take Advantage of Bonuses

You should try not play pokies that you’re not familiar with. Thankfully, many online casinos allow you to play pokies for free with play money so you don’t risk any of your capital. Take advantage of this to familiarise yourself with a new machine.

It is a good idea to understand jackpots if you want to win more from pokies. Jackpots are a machine’s golden ticket which it uses to lure you in. By all means, play jackpot pokies but be aware hitting one is extremely rare. Some progressive jackpots only hit once or twice a year.

Finally, take advantage of welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and free spins. These are great for increasing the amount of money you have to bet. They help to cover your losses in some circumstances, too. One rule to remember: only bet with money you can afford to lose, even with a juicy bonus in tow.