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Here in Australia, we call slot machines pokies. What better name for a site for a couple of slots addicts to educate, inform, and entertain about their passion? Here at Pokies, you’ll find honest reviews of new and established online casinos, all the latest Aussie casino news, and of course, heaps of pokies. For blokes who want a bit more, we offer up some good oil about table games, banking methods, and casinos as a whole.

pokies on phone
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What is Pokies?

Pokies was founded in 2012 by a pair of mates who were gobsmacked by the lack of information available about pokies for Aussies on the web. Playing pokies is some of the best fun anyone can have, so our aim is to encourage punters of all kinds to check them out.

Over the past nine years, the industry has expanded immensely, and there are more people playing more games than ever before. Maybe it’s our love of the industry, but we want to help folks learn more about and get better at their games of choice, whether that’s understanding the rules of online baccarat or learning the best bet to make on the craps table.

If you come away from Pokies with a laugh and something to think about, we’ve done our job.

The Brain Trust

Pokies is the baby of Jason Gallup and James Gompertz, two Aussies who have had very different paths in the industry, and yet share an overwhelming love for pokies.

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Jason Gallup

Two things that Jason’s always on the lookout for are a gamble and a challenge. Born and based in Melbourne, he has travelled the world playing blackjack, roulette, and pokies at the biggest and smallest casinos. Jason’s a legit journo, with a Masters in Journalism from the University of Melbourne in his hometown. Because of this, you can usually find him heading up the site’s news coverage of anything and everything about the intersection of casinos and Australia. If you ever see him in person, make sure you ask him about that night in Malta when everything was going off. He’ll know what you mean.

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James Gompertz

There are a few pokies that James just doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about, making Jason think he’s got kangaroos loose in the top paddock from time to time. James brings 15 years of experience in the online betting industry to Pokies, with stints at companies in London and Malta. His experience makes him invaluable on the review and informational sides of Pokies, translating key concepts so that even his grandma can understand them. In his spare time he cooks, watches cricket, manages a Fantasy Football team, and watches old movies. His latest hot take? The 1960 version of Ocean’s Eleven, with Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, is better than the 2001 George Clooney version.