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Existing affiliates: Casino Affiliate Program

Webmaster – Make serious money by promoting on your websites.
Our affiliate program makes lifestyle-changing money. You earn 33% of all the net revenue generated by the players you have sent. Send enough traffic and you’ll be receiving five or even six-figure monthly payments. affiliate team has more than 30+ combined years in the business. When you join the program, you get direct access to the team and its indepth knowledge and tips & tricks of the affiliate business.
For all questions about our affiliate program, contact us at affiliate program highlights

We have everything you need to make serious money.
We got everything covered from prompt payments to high quality banners.

Your fair share


Send players to and earn a 33% cut of all their revenues. Send enough traffic and this income changes your lifestyle.

Your tools for the job

We have banners, text links, promotions … everything needed to send traffic and to convert it into real money players. We can also design and launch custom campaigns with very short notice.
With our extensive statistics you can keep a close eye on your performance and optimize your campaigns even further.

Premium brand & 3rd party tracking is a unique, premium gaming brand. As such it gets an exceptional click-through-rate for banners and text links. It also converts visitors to real money players with a way-above-average rate.
All the conversions are reliably credited to you by an independent affiliate software (MAP).

Affiliate FAQ

Do you have CPA or/and hybrid deals?
We feel that our rev share commission of 33% is an excellent deal for our affiliates. However in casino affiliate program everything can be negotiated and under special circumstances CPA or hybrid deal could be considered.
What are the payment methods? (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller…)?
You can choose to be paid with a wire transfer or to your PayPal or Neteller account.
Do you have withdrawal limit for affiliates?
No. We pay what you’ve earned without any limits.
​What is the minimum threshold for payment and what are the currencies that you have​?
The payment currency is Euro and the minimum payment threshold is €20 (using Neteller). If you don’t reach the minimum, it’s not a problem – your earnings are rolled over to the next month with no deductions until you reach the payment threshold.
​​Do you have Negative Carry Over (NCO)?
No. Each month is a fresh start.
Do you have an admin fee on Net Gaming Result (NGO)?
Do you have bundling?

Timely payments – Paypal, wire and Neteller

Your income is paid automatically following the month when you reach your payment threshold. The payment threshold depends on the payment method you choose:

  • Wire transfer: €500
  • Paypal: €800
  • Neteller: €20

If the minimum is not met, the sum rolls over to the next month without any deductions. You are then paid when you do reach the payment threshold.
Simple, straightforward and efficient – just like’s affiliate program.

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