Online Bingo for Australians

Bingo has long been known as a social game, and online bingo is no different. According to a recent study, 72% of online bingo players have confirmed friendships outside of the bingo chat rooms. The classic gambling game was previously associated with old people, until the dawn of online casinos. In fact, the popularity of online bingo can be linked to Chris Moneymaker’s win of $2.5million.

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The benefits of playing Bingo Online

Converting traditional bingo to online bingo meant faster gameplay and connecting with people across the globe.
Advances in technology have created much convenience and gambling has been no exception. Playing bingo online rather than at bingo halls meant that you would not have to wait for the next game. And you could say goodbye to leaving your house, in fact, you could game online wherever you choose.
In addition, the transition to bingo online meant that you have the opportunity to play multiple games fast, at the same time! The real revolution of bingo online came about in the form of promotions and bonuses that are offered on online casino sites and online bingo sites.
Land-based casinos still thrive despite the booming online casino market; unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for bingo halls in relation to bingo online. Due to the shift in target market and platform, the previous bingo players (old people) were forgotten. This resulted in the closure of almost half the bingo halls in the UK.

The Numbers

Finding a bingo player younger than 50 years old in a bingo hall is very unlikely, whereas, online bingo players are 50 years and younger. Playing bingo online has increased substantially since it debuted and showed no signs of slowing down.
In addition to the age group, research has found that females are more likely to play bingo online than male gamblers by 80%.

How to Play Online Bingo

Even though online casinos and bingos sites market playing bingo online differently and better than traditional bingo, the rules remain the same.
As a bingo player, your goal is to cover five squares, either vertically, diagonally or horizontally. This will ensure you are the first to reach Bingo!
Traditionally, bingo halls feature a ‘caller’ that spins the bingo balls, selects a ball and call out the number. Following this step, players will mark off the number called out; and this process will be repeated till someone yells out bingo.

Playing Bingo Online

In online bingo rather than a physical card you will receive a card on the screen. The card is no different than the traditional bingo card, in fact, it has the same number of columns and numbers. At the top of the card, you will see the word BINGO in bold; the letters belong to the column below it. It is important to note though that the very centre of the card will not feature a number, this is not a glitch, just a free space.
Now that we are done with the card, we move onto the bingo balls. The balls also include a letter on them, from the word bingo. The reason for the letter and number is basically the game of bingo. In other words, the number and letter called out must correspond to the number in that specific letter column on the card.
The first person to complete the card hits the bingo button, and it’s the winner.

Variations of Online Bingo

As an online gambler, you know that classic casino games have several versions online, the same applies to bingo. In fact, there are three versions of online bingo that you can play; you can choose between 75 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo and the big daddy of bingo – 90 Ball Bingo. We discuss them below:

75 Ball Bingo – is the classic version of Bingo. As the name suggests, the numbers one to seventy-five are in play.
80 Ball Bingo – this version isn’t as popular but has garnered a niche market.
90 ball bingo – as mentioned above, this version is regarded as the big daddy of online bingo.
Online Bingo Glossary for Aussies
Buy-in: is just the process of purchasing a bingo card as you must have a card before the game begins. For online casinos, this means that you need to place your wager before the game begins.
Caller: the person responsible for the spin, selection and calling out the number. This is not really relevant in online bingo, as software providers have developed online bingo games with RNG to meet online requirements.
Money Ball: the number selected before the games starts, this number doubles your winnings if bingo is hit on it.

Now that you are all set to playing bingo online have a look at our recommended online casinos for excellent bingo games.