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We don’t suggest robbing banks, and there’s nothing fun about it. That said, if there’s one pokie to make the experience seem thrilling, it would be Cash Bandits 2. The original Cash Bandits was absolutely beloved, and the sequel is just as good, if not even better. Living a life of crime has never been so rewarding and free of consequence.

True to its theme, Cash Bandits 2 might be a little harder to track down than some other online slots. At the end of 2020, most modern software is pulling support for Macromedia Flash, and Cash Bandits 2 might find itself forced into retirement. Let us tell you why the game is worth playing for what might be one last score.


The Cash Bandits 2 pokie has the following features:

  • 25 paylines on five reels.
  • Bank robbery theme.
  • Creative safecracking bonus game.
Min Bet 0.01
Max Bet 1
Paylines 25
Payout 97%
Developer RealTime Gaming
Volatility High
Max Payout 5000
Themes Action/Adventure
Slot Type 5-Reel

Gameplay and Design

The background of the Cash Bandits 2 pokie is the entrance to a bank, with cash poking out from behind the reels. This is a great visual, but it’s made even better when you realize that the play options on the bottom of the screen are printed on police tape. This cleverness and inventiveness is on full display through the entire game.

The music and sound design are bonzer, with a jazzy, trumpet-heavy number pushing you onward. When you complete a payline, a different music sting will play depending on the symbols used.

In what is a breath of fresh air, there are no playing card symbols on this pokie. Instead, the lower-value symbols are themed objects, such as a sack of money, a wanted poster, or a police badge. However, having eight lower-paying symbols in total does mean that higher-paying symbols are less likely to appear.

There are three high-paying symbols: a police offer, a bank teller, and the bank itself. Even if they are rarer, it’s offset a little by the fact that two of these symbols make a winning payline. Even if the amount isn’t huge, it’s something.

Fittingly, the Cash Bandits 2 logo is the Wild symbol. This symbol can substitute for any other symbol in a payline, except for the Scatter symbol. While some punters might be disappointed that there are no other bonuses when completing a payline with a Wild symbol, it’s still heaps helpful.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a bank heist without a robber. The robber serves as the Scatter symbol, and getting three or more not only activates the bonus game, it also pays multiples of your bet. If you’re lucky enough to get a payline of five Scatters, you can win up to 50x your bet!

cash bandits 2 gameplay

Bonuses and Promotions

Cash Bandits 2 contains one of the most original and fun slots bonuses we’ve seen. When you spin three Scatter symbols, you’ll be taken underneath the bank to the vaults. It doesn’t take a real criminal to know that this is where the biggest riches are kept. As a free bonus just for getting here, punters earn five free spins.

In the bonus game, punters are given a keypad with the numbers 0-9. Pick a number, and it will be matched against each of the different safes on screen. There are five safes, and they all need a different amount of correct guesses to open. The smallest safe, with the smallest prize, only needs one right number to open, while the biggest needs five.

You might expect Cash Bandits 2’s bonus game to give out dollar amounts to go with the theme, but every safe you open actually grants free spins and a win multiplier. While maybe not as exciting as winning heaps of money, opening all of the vaults can earn you an absolute ripper 190 free spins with a 17x multiplier. With the bonus active, even a payline of the lowest-value symbols can be worth heaps.

It’s also worth mentioning that Cash Bandits 2 has two progressive jackpots available. However, they are triggered randomly as an instant bonus, so there’s really not anything punters can do to try to access them except normally playing the game.

Depending on the online casino you’re playing at, free spins for Cash Bandits 2 might be part of a welcome or deposit bonus. Since Cash Bandits 2 is a RealTime Gaming pokie, it’s usually only available at online casinos running on the RTG platform, though there are exceptions. You can find our thoughts on several RTG casinos in our casino review section.


Cash Bandits 2 was created by RealTime Gaming, an American company that has been creating software for casinos since 1998. While they have developed hundreds of casino games, they are most known for their backend work. Heaps of online casinos are run on the RTG platform, which is celebrated for its ease of use, safety and security.

Even if it’s not their entire business, RTG has created some of the funnest and most unique pokies around, and they continue to regularly release new titles.