Don’t be a scratcher without a ticket, play the new James Dean scratchie!
There is no actor more iconic than James Dean. That’s why it was high time the Rebel Without a Cause star was captured in a scratchie form. And it’s not just some run of the mill scratch game, but on with gian wins! (See what we did there? Giant is another great James Dean film … ok, we’ll stop the puns.)
James Dean is a brand new instant-win scratch ticket from NextGen, our favorite Australian game developers. The game is exactly what you’d expect and want: find three of the same symbols to win!
Symbols on the game, as you see above, are all inspired by James Dean mythos. You’ll spot that one of the icons is Little Bastard, the Porche Spyder James Dean died in. This might be a wee bit morbid for a light-hearted game, but hey, at least you’ll win 10 times your wager back if you find three Porches.
You’ll note that the game features many of James Dean’s legendary lines too, like “the only greatness for man is immortality”, “who needs a cause to rebel” and “press play to begin game”. One of these might actually not be from a film.
James Dean, like all scratchies plays perfectly on your pc, Mac and mobile devices like iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets.
If you are new to register now to get a free $5. You can use your free cash to scratch a few James Dean tickets or play any of the hundreds of other games you’ll find after logging in.