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Scratch games (or as we Australians know them, Scratchies) are a bit underrepresented in the world of online casinos. They might not be everyone’s bowl of rice, but there’s something fun about them that all of the pokies or live dealer games in the world can’t match. Maybe it’s how you can play them at your own pace, or how they’re like uncovering a puzzle.

We’re sure everyone’s played scratchies at some point in their lives, but the rise of online gambling means that they’re more available, in more varieties than ever before.

Where can Australian punters find online scratchies, are they any different from normal scratch cards, and how can they be played online?


Casinos Known To Offer Online Scratchies


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How to Play Online Scratchies

If you want to play a scratch game, the first thing to do is find an online casino that has some. To be honest, this is easier said than done. Many casinos don’t have any scratch cards at all, and those that do usually have a pretty small selection. We’ve found that the more games a casino has for punters, the more likely it is to offer scratch games.

Like in real life – where you’d buy a scratch card from a milk bar or a petrol station – you need to place a bet in order to start playing. Casino scratch games are a bit different from the ones you’ll find in stores because you can’t win dollar amounts or free cards. Instead, you will win back your bet multiplied by the value of the line or symbol you’ve scratched. If your starting bet was $2.00 and you scratch a line of symbols with a 5x multiplier, you’ll win back $10.00. This also means that all online scratchies are instant win games, since you don’t need to take them to be checked.

It might be surprising to hear, but playing online scratchies can actually win you more money than the ones you buy in a store. Because there’s far less cost in getting them to punters, the payout percentage of any given online scratchie is around 90%. Some scratchies even offer jackpots, with top prizes of up to 10,000 times your wager. As impressive as that sounds, remember that scratchies are randomized like pokies and other casino games. The bigger the payout, the smaller the chance of winning.

Since they’re hosted by a casino, you can do everything you would expect of any other casino game. If you have money from a welcome bonus, you can use it on scratchies. You can also use any of the casino’s banking options to add money to your account and play more. If you have any questions or problems, a casino’s customer support team is always on hand to answer them.

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Types of Online Scratchies

Have you ever glanced over the available scratchies when you go to pay for petrol? Even if they haven’t played them, most Australians know about the heaps of different sorts of scratchies that are available. While there might be a different goal depending on the game, scratchies are all about matching.

Most scratchies at online casinos have 3×3 cards. In order to win, you need to match three of the same symbol, no matter where it is on the card. You can scratch off individual spaces by clicking or tapping on them. These scratchies are creatively themed and can offer compelling gameplay, but they might be a bit too simple for some Australian players.

Scratchies like Scratch Match might be more interesting, but they’re also more complicated. At the top of the screen, Scratch Match gives you five winning numbers, and your goal is to match them in the twenty cells underneath. Like with paylines for pokies, every cell has a bet, and you can choose to have 10 or 20 cells to scratch. More cells give you better chances to win, but they’re more expensive. How much each number is worth is random, meaning that matching just one number could pay back your entire bet.

Some scratchies may also have an instant scratch or scratch all feature, also known as the “no fun” button. If you just want to see if you’ve won or not and move onto the next card, pressing it will automatically scratch all of the available spaces. This might be efficient, but it also sort of defeats the purpose of playing scratchies in the first place – to enjoy the game and not just rush through it.

While they can be challenging to track down, and even top casinos might not have very many of them, scratchies are extremely fun to play. We’d encourage any punter who’s interested in doing something different to give them a fair go.

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Scratchies FAQs

Do Scratchies Have Bonus Play?

Real-life scratchies might have free cards as prizes, but online scratchies don’t offer any way to play for free. Unlike pokies, they also don’t offer any in-game bonuses.

What Sorts of Bonuses Can I Use to Play Scratchies?

Since scratchies pull from your casino balance to play, you can use any bonus that adds money to your account. This might include a welcome bonus or deposit bonus, or indirectly through a cashback bonus. As always, remember to read over a casino’s bonus terms and conditions before you claim one.