Playing at online casinos is primarily about entertainment but gambling is a lot more fun when you’re winning and the key to giving yourself the best chance of success, is to play at sites with the best online casino payouts.

The higher the payouts on these games, the more you bank each time you secure a win.

In summary, it pays for Australian players to find the best paying online casinos in Australia boasting the best payout rates and in this casino review we’ll identify both the games and casinos offering the best value.

The payout of the games you play could be the single most important factor in terms of your overall profit and loss.

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The Best Online Casino Payouts

The key to getting the most out of this casino review is to understand the difference between a straight casino payout and a payout percentage. The first refers to how much the casino pays to players on a particular win. For example, if you’re playing online pokies and hit five high-value symbols in a row with the help of a Wild symbol, your payout on that spin might be 50AUD.

A payout percentage, also known as the Return to player (RTP) refers to how much of a player’s investment is expected to be returned to them.

The RTP gives an idea of how fair the game, or casino, is. It’s expressed as a percentage and is normally between about 85% and 100%. The higher the figure, the more generous.

Australian Casinos with the Best Online Casino Payouts

Here at, we only recommend the casinos who best serve Australian players. We’ve set the RTP bar at a minimum of 96% with a mammoth 99% being the top payout from among those casinos included here.

Payout Rate

  • 99%- Joka Room, Playamo
  • 98%- Red Stag Casino, Ignition Casino, Uptown Pokies, Planet Casino, Joe Fortune, Fair Go Casino
  • 97%- Kahuna, Mucho Vegas, bodog, bonza Spins
  • 96%- Pokie Spins, Ace Pokies

What are the highest payout casino games?

Below are the games that Australian players can expect to find at an online casino in Australia and the payout rate of each one. As a bonus, we’ve also included a brief description of what the games are.
Screenshot of pokies game
Online Pokies (Slot Games)

Better known in Europe and the US as online slots or slot machines, online pokies are arguably the most popular form of gambling for Australian players. Pokies have come a long way since those basic Vegas-casino style machines with a few fruits and bar symbols and the making, distributing and playing of these online pokies has become a major international industry.

One of the big differences these days is that pokies are beautifully designed, often have plots and storylines to them and boast bonus features such as free spins, re-spins, pick’em rounds and in some cases, the chance to spin a wheel with numerous different prizes up for grabs.

An average payout for pokies would be at around the 97% mark; the best paying online pokies can boast a payout of around 99%. Another benefit of playing online pokies is that they’re super simple to play.

Screenshot of video poker game
Video Poker

Online video poker has been one of the more popular forms of gambling over the years, particularly among players with a background in other forms of poker such as Texas Hold’em or Omaha.

Most types of video poker involve drawing five cards, changing as many of those five once and trying to form the highest possible hand, with a pair of Jacks generally being the lowest possible paying hand. As a bonus, some versions either have (Wild) Deuces or Jokers substituting for other cards to help secure stronger hands.

The payout on playing video poker is around the 97% mark.

Screenshot of online roulette game.
Table Games

For all the simplicity of playing online pokies or securing a top payout by getting a Royal Straight Flush on video poker, few games beat the thrill of going head-to-head with the Dealer at Blackjack or seeing your number come up on the Roulette wheel. Baccarat, Table Poker and Craps complete the list of the most in-demand casino table games at online casinos.

As an added bonus, table games offer some of the top payouts among casino games with Blackjack in particular often viewed as one of the ones with the lowest house edge. Collectively, the payout rate for table games hovers around the 99% mark.

Top Payout Percentages for Online Casino Games

Online Games Payout %
  • Baccarat 99%
  • Roulette 97%
  • Blackjack 99%
  • Online pokies 95%
  • Video poker 99%


The payout percent offered by an online casino game is crucial. Players need to know the percent payout for each game before choosing one to play. All games vary in percentages. Thus, we provide a list of online games and their average percentages, based on real gambling data.

An independent auditor computes the data and reports it to the online casino site.

Audited and Unaudited Best Payout Casinos Percentages

You’re far better off playing at casinos who do things by the book: casinos who are regulated by the official authorities, who have monitored all aspects of the casino’s operations, including of course those all-important RTPs.

In the opposite corner are ‘rogue casinos’. Casinos who have tampered with the software of their games. So, for example, they may advertise the RTP of their pokies as being 98% when in fact, it’s just 80%.

Alternatively, they may not advertise their RTPs at all, a tell-tale sign that they’ve made them far lower than what they should be.

In this casino review, we’ve done all the hard wok for you so if a casino is endorsed here, it’s because it’s not a rogue one but rather, one of the Australian top-ranked casinos.

Though the bonus rating we give to different casinos (available in other sections of our site) is highly important as well, being a safe and fair casino is the most important element of all.

Agencies that Certify Payouts

There are many agencies which confirm a casino’s payout percentage. For example, eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) which is a world-renowned online casino testing agency, along with TST (Technical Systems Testing). These agencies make sure that players get their fair deals when playing for real money.

Thankfully for honest casino players, there are reputable agencies who ensure that the casinos are equally honest when it comes to giving players a fair crack of the whip.

These agencies make it their business to know exactly what the RTPs are of specific games and the casinos hosting them. Among the best-known are eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) and TST (Technical Systems Testing). They have the software and the man-power to check that all casinos are doing what it says on the tin.

Mind you, casinos should be more than happy to publish their own payout rates so if they don’t, it may be because something isn’t quite right.

In addition to eCOGRA and TST, you can also check out casino payout percentages at these sites.

Best Payout Casinos FAQ

What do you mean by online casino payout percentage?

The amount that will theoretically be returned to the player if you played a game over a long period of time, expressed as a percentage. If you played on a game with a payout rate of 98%, you’d expect it to pay out 9,800 AUD based on a 10,000 AUD investment.

Online pokies generally boast an average payout of 95%, with the best paying pokie machines of all slightly higher at around 99%.

Which online casino has the best payouts?

You can check the full list of recommended casinos and their exact average payout above. Among the top performers as the best paying online casinos in Australia are Playama Casino, Planet 7 Casino and Joka Room.

What is the average payout on online casinos?

If online pokies are the way you roll, you can expect to see a payout of around 95% on them. It’s very seldom they’re any lower than 85% and if it is, you’d be well advised not to be playing them anyway.

What is the minimum and maximum payout that you can expect through an online casino?

Casinos in Australia establish minimum and maximum payouts. The minimum is normally 10AUD. Some set the bar at 20-25 AUD as a minimum withdrawal amount.

Maximum amounts are there to safeguard the casino’s interests. If a group of players had an unusually good day and won an absolute fortune between them, the Casino wouldn’t be able to pay out some other players who secured smaller winnings.

So the max amount you can withdraw at any one time is normally around the 4,000 AUD mark. The best online casino payouts in Australia can go a bit higher than that.

Most casinos will list the exact amount in the banking section.

How long will I have to wait for the payout?

It depends on the sort of payment method players choose to withdraw their money.

The fastest are the cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, which are pretty much instant.  E-wallets such as PayPal and Entropay are pretty fast as well, with bank transfers taking up to ten days.

Slowest of all are (paper) cheques, which can take a few weeks to reach you via ‘snail mail’.

It’s up to individual players to decide which payment method is right for them.

How do I withdraw my payout?

As per above, any one of E-Wallets, cryptocurrencies, bank transfers and cheques are almost always available as methods for withdrawal, as are credit cards and debit cards.