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A huge part of the excitement of playing at an online casino is using real money. While there’s nothing wrong with free play, games can get a lot more interesting when there are stakes. Online casinos offer heaps of different deposit methods so as many punters can play as possible, but what do you do when you don’t have access to any of those payment options?

We’d never advise signing up for a credit card just so you can play at an online casino, and some casinos for Australians also won’t accept wire transfers from a bank. No worries though! All you need to do is make a trip to your closest petrol station or milk bar and buy a PaySafeCard.

PaySafeCard vouchers are an incredibly popular banking options, and they’re accepted at heaps of sites, including online casinos. If you’re familiar with Neosurf vouchers or pre-paid credit cards, you already know how to use a PaySafeCard.

How does PaySafeCard work, where can punters use it, and how is it different from other casino banking options?

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What is PaySafeCard?

PaySafeCard is a pre-paid card that works sort of like a gift card, though punters can use it anywhere it is accepted. Like gift cards, PaySafeCards are available in different amounts. The lowest amount available to Australians is $10, which we actually wouldn’t recommend, because it’s not enough to cover the minimum deposit at most online casinos. If we’re being technical, you could use multiple $10 cards if you wanted, but that’s not very convenient.

PaySafeCard is also available to Australians in amounts of $20, $50, and $100. We make this distinction because PaySafeCard is available in different amounts in different countries all over the world.

Because there are no credit card details or other financial information to enter, using PaySafeCard is incredibly safe and secure. PaySafe Group, the company behind PaySafeCard, is one of the biggest online payment companies in the world. You might be surprised to learn that they also own other casino banking methods like Skrill and Neteller, but it should only reinforce that PaySafeCard is one of the best payment options available.

Top Australian Online Casinos

Check their payment section to see if they accept Paysafecard


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Where Can I Use PaySafeCard?

While PaySafeCard is a secure and reliable banking option, it’s also not quite as widespread at online casinos as credit cards, eWallets, or its competitor, Neosurf. This isn’t to say that it’s not popular, or that there aren’t plenty of online casinos to use it at. Our expert casino reviews will always say which banking options are available.

To use PaySafeCard as a deposit method, the first thing to do is find an online casino that accepts it. A casino’s banking page will tell you which payment options they allow. From there, it’s just a matter of signing up for an account. That said, we recommend you read over the casino’s legal pages and FAQ before you sign up, in case you have any questions about how they operate.

Buying PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard is available to buy at heaps of places in Australia. Just a few of them include:

BP petrol stations, City convenience stores, Coles, epay, EzyMart, IGA, News Xpress, Puma-Energy, The Lucky Charm, Touch, United Petroleum, WH Smith, Woolworths, Allphones, Betta, Bing Lee, Drakes Petroleum, Freedom Fuels, Harvey Norman, IGA Express, Myer, Newslink, Nextra, Nightowl, On The Run Woodville, Ritchies SUPA IGA, Spar, Tele Choice, and Video Ezy.

You can find a complete list, as well as the location nearest to you, at the PaySafeCard website.

How to Use PaySafeCard

While it’s not quite as simple as putting in your credit card number, or clicking a button and having funds automatically transferred, making a deposit with a PaySafeCard is heaps simple.

All you have to do when using PaySafeCard is head over to your casino’s cashier page, where you’d normally go when making a deposit. Choose that you’d like to use PaySafeCard, and any casino bonuses you’d like to claim. Some online casinos will offer special match bonuses for depositing with certain types of payments, so be sure to check their promotions page before you make a deposit. If you’re depositing at a casino for the first time, remember to claim the welcome bonus if you’re interested.

Unlike other payment methods, which usually ask you to fill in your information right on the casino site, choosing PaySafeCard will take you to their website. Here, you enter the 16-digit code that appears on the voucher, applying its value to the casino deposit. If the minimum deposit amount is too big for one voucher, you can enter more than one code.

Remember that PaySafeCards aren’t strictly one-time-use. So long as you still have a balance remaining on the voucher, you can use it again. If you buy a $50 PaySafeCard, you can use the same card to add the minimum deposit to your casino account at least a couple of times. You’re also not locked in to only using it in a single location, so you can add money to your account and then go use the rest of your balance anywhere else it’s accepted.

Once you’ve entered your code or codes, click to confirm. You’ll be sent back to the online casino, and the balance will be added to your account.

Why Should I Use PaySafeCard?

As we’ve mentioned, PaySafeCard is one of the safest payment methods available. The cards only have a certain value, and there’s absolutely no risk of being charged more than however much they’re worth. You don’t need to sign anything to use them, and you don’t need to give out any personal information beyond what you’ve already shared with the casino. You can buy them at the closest milk bar with cash, credit, or however you’d like. While the voucher itself does have value, it’s PaySafe Group that technically makes the transaction with the casino on your behalf.

Because each card is only worth so much, they’re great choices for punters who want to stick to a limit. There’s no way to spend more than what’s on the card, so you’d need to take a trip to the petrol station for anything beyond what you’ve already bought. Even if you do end up going, it creates some distance between you and the casino, so you’re less likely to spend impulsively.

For the sake of the full picture, we will say that you can buy PaySafeCard codes online. While this is a lot more convenient, it kind of negates some of the advantages of having a physical voucher. You’d basically be spending money online for the ability to spend money online, and as secure as PaySafeCard is, credit cards are just as secure.

Using PaySafeCard at an Online Casino

Online casinos treat all deposit methods the same, so using PaySafeCard as your chosen payment type gives the same experience as using any other option. You have access to all of a casino’s regular promotions, including welcome bonuses and free spins. As we said earlier, depositing using PaySafeCard might even give you access to an extra match bonus, so it’s worth giving a burl at least once.

When you deposit using PaySafeCard, you’ll be able to play all of a casino’s games for real money, just as with any other payment method. This includes live dealer games, which can only be played with the money in your casino account.

It’s worth mentioning that PaySafeCard won’t ever be used as a withdrawal method, and so punters that want to use it to deposit will still need to provide information to get their money out of a casino. Generally, the only withdrawal method available to Australian punters is wire transfer. That said, some casinos let punters withdraw using Visa or Bitcoin as well.

Every review site has a different opinion about what a good payout rating is. Visit our reviews section to learn about our payment ratings for some of the top Australian casinos, as well as how we rate them.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know About PaySafeCard?

There are only two small things left to know about PaySafeCard, though they are fringe cases and won’t affect 99% of users.

The first is that if a PaySafeCard isn’t used for eighteen months after purchase, PaySafe Group will begin charging interest against the balance. The majority of people don’t just leave gift cards sitting around, but if you forget about buying a voucher and find it under your couch two years later, don’t be surprised to find less money available on it than when you bought it.

Lastly, while PaySafeCard’s transactions are incredibly secure, they can be spoofed like any other code-based payment method. The chances of buying an invalid card are almost not worth mentioning, but if this does happen, get in touch with PaySafe Group and they’ll be happy to help out with making sure you get the money you bought.