At, we’re all about pointing casino players in the right direction. That’s anything from providing a casino review where we tell you which are our recommended casinos based on the quality of the welcome bonus and whether it includes free spins, to analysing the quality and quantity of the respective games on offer or commenting on how good it is as a mobile casino.

The important thing to always remember is that in our expert reviews we’re always fair, transparent and objective in how we assess different aspects of the various casinos we look at so you can rest assured that if we’ve recommended a particular casino in one of our casino reviews over another, it’s with good reason.

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Having said all that, our mission here at isn’t just to provide ratings and comparisons. We also make it our business to explain how things work at these online casinos such as how aspects of the registration process work, how to receive your match bonus or how to go about choosing your depositing method.

And the latter is precisely what we’re going to look at here. Below you’ll read everything you need to know about Paysafecard casinos, why we recommend the Paysafecard service and how to go about using this payment method at one of our many recommended Paysafecard Casinos.

Ozwin Casino

400% Match Bonus

100 Free Spins

Rating: 5/5

Rating: 5/5

200+ Pokies

400% Match Bonus 100 Free Spins - Rating: 5/5
PlayCroco Casino

200% Up To $5,000

Rating: 4.9/5

Rating: 4.9/5

120+ Pokies

200% Up To $5,000 - Rating: 4.9/5
King Johnnie Casino

$6000 Bonus

+200 Free Spins

Rating: 4.8/5

Rating: 4.8/5

600+ Pokies

$6000 Bonus +200 Free Spins - Rating: 4.8/5
FairGo Casino

AU $1000 Bonus

Rating: 4.7/5

Rating: 4.7/5

250+ Pokies

AU $1000 Bonus - Rating: 4.7/5
Pokies Parlour

AU $7777 Bonus

Rating: 4.6/5

Rating: 4.6/5

2100+ Pokies

AU $7777 Bonus - Rating: 4.6/5

Top rated Paysafecard casinos 

If you’re set on playing at a Paysafecard casino then the next step is to separate the Paysafecard casino sites from the ones that don’t accept Paysafecard.

So just go through all the reviews and then make a note of the ones that are a Paysafecard casino.

The next step is to then decide which of these are the better ones. The quick-and-easy method is to play at the one (or ones) that have the highest overall rating.

Having said that, the more discerning casino players among you might decide that there are certain things you value over others, such as which one has the best welcome bonus in terms of the generosity of the match bonus or how many free spins are included in the welcome package.

Other players may decide that it’s more about the number of games on offer or how easy the site is to use. So, go with the Paysafecard casino that ticks most of the boxes that are important to you.

Paysafecard Casinos for Real Money

If a casino comes under the category of one where a casino deposit can be made with a paysafecard, then it follows that it’s a real money casino. 

But that alone doesn’t mean you that you can’t play different casino games for free without risking your own money.

Almost all the Paysafecard casinos allow you to play most games with ‘pretend money’ once you’ve completed your registration so you get your head round how they work. So whether it’s a few hands of Blackjack or a few spins on your favourite mobile pokies , you can do so without risking your own money.

Once you’re more confident about playing them then yes, go ahead and do so for real money.

Paysafecard FAQ

What is a Paysafecard? 

Now is probably a good time to answer the most important question of all: what is a Paysafecard? 

It works in a somewhat similar way to how a pre-paid SIM card works with your mobile phone.  There you buy a card that has a pre-determined amount of mobile credit on it and then use the card till the credit runs out.

With a Paysafe card you essentially hand over the cash and then use the credit on your Paysafecard to buy whatever you wish with it. Such as booking a flight or a hotel or making a casino deposit with your paysafecard.

Where can I buy a Paysafe card? 

Such is the growing popularity of the Paysafecard as a payment option that lots and lots of online and bricks-and-mortar stores accept Paysafecard as a perfectly valid method to purchase whatever you want.

And thankfully, there’s no shortage of places where you can purchase them. There are over 50,0000 Paysafecard outlets worldwide and it’s one of those cases where it’s actually easier to buy them at a store than it is online.

Here are some of the places where you can buy them:

BP petrol stations, City convenience stores, Coles, epay, EzyMart, IGA, News Xpress, Puma-Energy, The Lucky Charm, Touch, United Petroleum, WH Smith, Woolworths, Allphones, Betta, Bing Lee, Drakes Petroleum, Freedom Fuels, Harvey Norman, IGA Express, Myer, Newslink, Nextra, Nightowl, On The Run Woodville, Ritchies SUPA IGA, Spar, Tele Choice, Video Ezy.

Can I buy Paysafecards online?

Yes you can, at

Most people prefer to go out and buy a Paysafecard just by using cash. But you can also buy them online at the official online Paysafecard PIN store.

You can find the official PIN store here: Set the site’s language to English (menu in the top right corner), if it’s not automatically chosen or if you’d rather use the site in another language, you’ve got that choice, too.

Similar to bricks-and-mortar stores, the maximum amount you can have on any given Paysafecard is 100 dollars.

Why use Paysafecard? 

Lots of reasons. 

The first is that it’s safer than using a credit card or bank account. With the latter you always have to worry about personal data and funds being vulnerable to phishing, hacking and data theft. With a Paysafecard, none of your details are in any way linked to your Paysafecard; it’s just cash on an anonymous card waiting to be used.

Another advantage is that it’s not just at Paysafecard casinos that you can use it. Thousands of products can now be bought using a Paysafecard and it popularity is on the up as one of the most sought-after methods of paying for goods and services; its’ surely only a matter of time before it’s overtaken the likes of Paypal and Mastercard as the most popular method for deposit transactions.

A third reason is the ease and speed with which you can buy a Paysafecard and start purchasing whatever you wish with it.

How To Find Best Casino Sites Accepting Paysafecard?

As we often like to say here at we did all the hard work so you don’t have to. 

We’ve written a load of casino reviews which you can find on this very site and you can quickly tell whether the casino in question is an online casino accepting paysafecard, or not.

Just head to the banking section of the review and you’ll instantly see if that casino accepts Paysafecard as one of its deposit options. If it does, then it’s obviously a Paysafecard casino.

How To Deposit at Paysafecard Casinos?

Go to a casino cashier and choose to use Paysafecard to make your gambling transaction. Then, enter the 16-digit PIN you’ll find on the card.

Using a Paysafecard online is as easy as paying with cash. You don’t need a bank account or credit card.

First, you need to buy a Paysafecard, which you can do at most newsagents and petrol stations.

The cards are available in the values of 10, 20, 50 or 100 dollars.

When you wish to make your deposit at a Paysafecard casino, you merely enter the PIN code found on the card to pay for the purchase. Simple and safe.

Paysafecard deposits at’s casinos are instant. Your funds land in your account as soon as you have entered the PIN code.

Do I need to use the full balance of the card?

No, you don’t need to use your full card balance with one go.

Let’s say you bought an AU$100 Paysafecard and wanted to deposit AU$60 to play some spins on Starburst.

Simply go to the cashier, choose to deposit $60 by using a Paysafecard and enter the card’s PIN. The $60 lands on your account straight away and you’re ready to start playing those spins.

So what happens to the remaining balance of $40?

Paysafecard’s automated system notes how much balance you have used from each card. So if you use $100 card to pay $60, the system will record that there’s $40 left on the card. The best way to track how much is left on each of your cards is to use the Paysafecard app (see below). This is available for Apple devices (iPhones, iPads), and Android phones and tablets.

Should I get the Paysafecard app?

Yes, we suggest downloading the Paysafecard app to your phone.

Paysafecard App is available for smartphones and tablets at trusted online shops.

The app for your mobile device has lots of handy features that you’ll welcome if you use it often.

One of the key features of the app is that you can use it to keep track of the remaining balance of your cards.

You can also enter your Paysafecard PIN codes to the app (or scan their QR Codes). This transfers the whole balance to the app. You can then use the app to pay with your mobile device at those places where PaySafeCard online payments are accepted.

Another useful feature of the app is instantly finding the closest store that sells Paysafecards.

What’s the maximum amount of money I can have on a Paysafecard? 

$100 is the maximum you can have on any Paysafecard. 

The main reason for this is to protect your cash by limiting how much you’d be out of pocket for, should something happen to it. Making a deposit at a Paysafecard casino site is a completely safe payment but there’s always the chance that someone could steal your wallet with your Paysafecard in it while you’re enjoying a quiet pint while watching the cricket at the pub.

If that were to happen, it’s a lot better if they end up with a maximum of $100 they can nick from you than say, $10,000. The limits are therefore for your own safety

What if I want to deposit more than $100?

You can use more than one card at a time to deposit larger sums.

To deposit more than $100 using a Paysafecard account, choose your deposit amount and use more than one card. Or you can use the Paysafecard online app to deposit by using the combined balance of your cards.

Why would you want to deposit more than $100 at a time? The reason has to do with the welcome bonus.

At some of the online casinos, the bonuses are bigger than $100. That means that to take full advantage of a typical offer where you get an 100% bonus up to $200, it makes sense to get the maximum value out of your welcome offer. That means depositing $200 to get an extra $200 as a bonus, rather than just depositing $100 to get $100 in bonuses.

Do I have to pay a fee when I deposit at a Paysafecard casino site? 

No, that’s another of the benefits of using this payment option. Whereas with some payment methods such as Paypal or certain credit cards where you’re charged for making a deposit, with a Paysafacard what you deposit is what you end up with in your account. There are no fees or other hidden charges. As we’ve been saying all article, depositing at a Paysafecard Casino really is just like using cash.

Can I only use one deposit method? 

No, you can use numerous deposit and withdrawal methods at the same time at your Paysafecard Casino.

On this page we’ve tried to explain why Paysafecard is the payment method we most strongly recommend but there’s nothing to stop you from using a Paysafecard to make a deposit some of the time and another method such as Paypal, on other occasions. You go ahead and choose the method or methods that are more convenient for you.

Same with withdrawals.  You may choose to have some of your winnings paid into a bank account and other winnings paid to your Paypal account, for example.

What’s the best current bonus? Some will get you up to $4000

It really depends on what you want out of your bonus. With that being said, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better bonus than the one at Kahuna Casino. Right now you’ll get you up to $4000 in welcome bonus money. And, if you’re looking for free spins, you can claim up to 200 free spins there too.

The best part is that among it’s many deposit methods, Kahuna will allow you to deposit with Paysafecard.

Regardless of your deposit method, your bonus money can be used for any casino game. The free spins however, will depend on the online casino. Some places will let you use them on any pokie you want, others will offer them on popular titles. NetEnt’s popular online slot Starburst is a one of the slots you’ll see featured.

What are free spins and how do I use them? 

Free spins are a way of you playing pokies without having to risk your own money.

When making a deposit at a Paysafecard casino, you can get rewarded with free spins for making a minimum deposit or in some cases, you get the free spins just for actually registering your account.

The Casino will credit you with free spins meaning that they’re giving you a chance to play pokies for real money without having to risk your own cash. Sometimes they’re on a pre-determined slot such as Starburst, other times you have a choice from four or five, or you can play your free spins on any slot at all.

Most Paysafecard casinos give you additional free spins beyond those in your initial welcome bonus, such as on your birthday or to help you celebrate Christmas.

What can I play with my Paysafecard casino welcome bonus?

As we just explained above, the free spins making up part of your welcome offer sometimes have to be played on Starburst.

But the bonus money you get when making those first thee deposits can be used on whatever you like. You can chance your arm at pokies other than Starburst, if you wish.

It’s not unusual for the best Paysafecard Casinos to have hundreds of different pokies available made by several different software providers. The nice thing about this selection when it comes to pokies is that they’re all so different. Whether it’s the theme of the slot, the graphics, the RTP of the game or the number of different bonus features, no two pokies are the same. So, use your bonus to give them a go and find your favourite.

If you like your gratification even more instant, then why not turn to some scratchies? In less than ten seconds you’ll know whether you’re onto a winner.

Then of course there’s a huge selection of table games to play. Use your wits at the Blackjack table to get the better of the Dealer, put your chips down on your favourite number at the Roulette table or make those tough decisions at Baccarat.

If it’s the more ‘human’ experience you really crave, there’s always the option to play these old favourites in the Live Casino mode.